Petaling Jaya : Lobsterman

2013-09-29 18.11.15-press

It was Annie’s birthday week. Time to celebrate and I gave her the choice of picking out the place she wanted to eat , limitless. Lobsterman was chosen and of all days, I left my dslr at home. I had to make do with my newly rooted Cyanogenmod S3 and this was the first time I will be using the camera function.

Arriving at 545pm, the place was quiet. Wanting to be ahead of the dinner crowds, I decided that this was a good time to arrive and be seated.

Being in SS2, you’d think the restaurants is somewhere in the busy jam packed square that is akin to the name SS2. This is not the case. Nestled near the housing area, away from the busy square, a row of shop lots facing houses is what greeted us.  The place is quite quaint ; dimly-lit, curtained and mysterious, it was sure a place that invokes feelings of the old-skool where your parents would go out for a date in a “western” diner in KL.

The only worry for me was the smell. These old fashioned eateries tend to have character and with character, an aroma of oil and indoor cooking infused into the carpet, seats, walls, all over. It was not the case at Lobsterman. The interior though aged and typical, was fresh and clean, much to my relief.

Escargots came with a small slice of mushroom. It was standard and I would say the best escargot in KL for me so far is still the one at Rendezvous in Cheras.

Again, nothing much to shout about.

We chose to have our 550g lobster simmered.

It is probably the best way to preserve the original flavor of the seafood. I even avoided dipping it in the butter that tasted cheesy rather than buttery.  I had regrets. We should have asked for the 800g lobster to be simmered instead.

The green stuff you see is known as tomalley. It is a solid hit of the seafood taste and may be too strong for some people.  It is the lobster’s liver and we all know how liver taste. It is an acquired taste.

The lobster is juicy and fresh.

They do provide instructions as to how to eat the lobsters. I took a look, and then relied on instinct from then on. Cavemen did not need instructions when eating back in the stone ages so why must we?

Sheltered Garlic Crab was known to be the signature dish. It was not to my liking and I felt it was a waste of a perfectly good 700g lobster.

It was just a lobster stir fried in garlic and chilli. It was too much garlic and too dry for me.

The rice was nothing special either and we did not finish it. I won’t even bother posting the photo.

After our meal, I decided to take a walk and show you the reason why the lobsters are so fresh. They are live lobsters fresh flown in from the US hence you get the quality and the freshness. This is basically what you are paying for.

These guys are next 😦

Dessert was a pathetic attempt at keeping the costs low. I’d do without it.

So, will I return? Probably not. There are much better ways spend your money on food. I’d say this was not too bad. The saving grace of why this post exists is that the simmered lobster was awesome! It is an acquired taste as this is an American style dish for an American lobster. Most Asian like their seafood with herbs, spices, curry, garlic and what not.

Total price : RM128 for the set meal. And RM128 for the 800g lobster.  (++)

If you want my opinion, just order the 700g lobster at RM128++ and be done. Why? The set is not worth it as you only get 550 grams of lobster but get sub-par rice,escargots, soup and dessert. Totally not worth it.  Just get the 700gram lobster alone at the same price and enjoy.

For RM294 total, I’d take a flight to Phuket, have a holiday and enjoy some 900 gram lobsters for RM90. But then again, that is me.

Have a nice lobster meal 🙂



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