Singapore : Roland Restaurant Chilli Crabs


I wanted to try chilli crabs and after making some calls to a popular place, being public holidays in Singapore, most of them were fully booked.

In a small corner just walking distance from my house, on top of a car parking complex, is Roland Restaurant, claiming to be the founder and inventor of Singapore’s Chilli Crab. It is a gigantic claim but apparently, they do claim it.

I found Roland Restaurant’s phone number and after a dial, found of that there was no need to have reservations and you can walk in.

Singaporeans queue for everything and the lines can snake long and windy so I do not like long queues.

It is a must eat dish at least once if you are in Singapore. When you google it, you will find that Roland Restaurant will be one of the hits for chilli crab.

Do take some time to read up about the origin of chilli crab.

The above peanuts in herbs and soy sauce is a common appetizer for Chinese restaurants.

The Asparagus with mushroom is quite delightful. The reason for this is the dried baby shrimp and also the ‘cili padi’ that gives this dish a spicy kick. Just be aware as to not take too much of the cili padi and it will build up and you will want to drink gulps of water.

A popular order is Crispy Baby Squid. It is really hard and the dish slightly sweet. Just be careful when chewing down, it is as hard as the crab’s shell and if you get it at a wrong angle, prepare for a toothache or bruised gums.

What is Singapore Chilli Crab? It is a crab dish (stating the obvious), usually Sri Lankan crab in sweet and sour sauce with a Singaporean twist : the added chilli.

This dish took a while to be served. But the wait was well worth it. The Sri Lankan crab was large and this 1.1kg crab is probably one of the larger crabs I have eaten.

The sauce is a good mix. You do not get overwhelmed but the sweet and sour sauce and it is not spicy. This is a harmony of flavours.  Do not expect this dish to be bland or very salty. The eggs blend well in the sauce and so does the crab flavours.

The freshness of the crab can be tasted in it’s sweetness. Dig in and you will taste the freshness of the sea.

These are the best parts to eat on a crab and the meat inside is succulent and large. So juicy.

Do not order only 4. You can order 6 to 10 to slurp up the awesome chilli crab sauce. Trust me, you will want it!

The Sri Lankan crab has a lot of roe and this is seen on the top of the shell.

During the meal, you need to take your photos, and then dig in using your fingers. It will get messy but it is the best way to eat ; with hands.

It was a finger licking good meal.

The restaurant can house a large number. You can call to reserve or try your luck by walking in.

The entire meal came to a total of SGD116.45 and here is the breakdown.

  • Crispy Baby Squid – SGD 12
  • Asparagus with Japanese mushrooms – SGD 16
  • Fried buns – SGD 1.40 for four pieces.
  • Plain rice – SGD 2 for 2 bowls
  • Sri Lanka Crab – SGD 61.60 for 1.1Kg
  • Tea – SGD2 for two
  • Towel – SGD 2 for two
  • Appetizer – SGD 3
  • Service charge is 10% so SGD 9.93
  • GST is 7% so SGD 7.62

The seasonal price for the crab was SGD56 per kg.

Bring some tissues for yourself as it is finger licking good and you will need to clean up a bit before heading to the bathroom.

The aircond is cold so your food will get cold quicker than your normal roadside open air hawker center. This place is a bit posh and it a bit classier. There are events and even wedding banquets held here.

Address :
Roland Restaurant Pte Ltd, Block 89, Marine Parade Central, # 06 – 750 Singapore 440089

Tel: +65 6440 8205

Operation Hours :
Weekdays – Monday to Saturday
Lunch : 11:30 am to 2:30 pm (Last order at 2:15pm)
Dinner : 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm (Last order at 10:15pm)

Sundays & Public Holidays :
Lunch : 11:00 am to 2:30 pm (Last order at 2:15pm)
Dinner : 6:00 pm to 10:30 pm (Last order at 10:15pm)

Seating Capacity :
– Pax 1000 Pax
– 4 Private Rooms
– Multiple Function Hall for Events

Facility :
– 4 Private Rooms and Function Halls

Parking :
Cars : URA Multi Story Car Park for cars ( Cash Card Parking )
Coaches : Next to Parkway Parade Shopping Center


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