Kuala Lumpur : Ko Hyang, Midvalley Megamall

2013-08-04 13.22.06-pressAs part of my Korea research, I looked around for the better Bibimbap’s around Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.

This signature Korean dish comprises of minced meat, an egg, vegetables, some rice and chilli pepper paste. The dish comes to you looking well prepared and beautifully arranged. The mayhem starts after.

Do some googling and most KL people will tell you this is a very good bibimbap. Really?

Located at the walkway between  Midvalley and The Gardens on the LG floor, you will chance upon this small stall-like eatery at the escalators. For some reason, this place is always full though not an indicator of good food in large cities.

My Bibimbap was served. At RM15.90, you get the normal room temperature version. For RM17.90, you can get the claypot version. I’d recommend going for the hot claypot version.

Some banchan is served. Just basics.

I lifted the egg and underneath it was a small amount of rice and red chili paste. The chili is not spicy. I have noticed that Korean cuisine do not rely on the spiciness of chili peppers but more for the flavor.

You will need to mix everything. Being high in proteins and vegetables, this dish is very good for the health conscious. There is very little salt in this and I would recommend this as a healthier alternative to say…burgers or nasi lemak.

I also ordered a pajeon which is a Korean pancake made from rice flour batter, eggs, vegetables and some seafood.

The entire meal came to around RM30. I won’t say it is cheap.

The bibimbap was not too bad. The pajeon, I have had better elsewhere. Dip it in the special pajeon sauce they provide. It is a mixture of sour and sweet soy sauce.

Will I return? Maybe. I’ll go and try other establishments.


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