Phuket, Good Food at Patong Beach


For those gastronomically inclined, you may want to try out Patong Beach eats. The streets are lined with restaurants vying for patronage. You have Western, Asian, Local cuisines to choose from. You will not go hungry in Patong.

In Patong, massage parlours are a many. So too are restaurants.

The Andaman Sea is a great source of fresh seafood and you will regret not trying some lobsters or fresh fish here. I am not a fish person but I will say Yes to Lobsters. Throughout my life, I have probably eaten lobsters 3 times and 2 of those times, were in Phuket and they are still the best tasting lobsters.

Pubs and bars are also aplenty here .

This one is a bit more Western and it was not something I was into.

Many years ago, we had stumbled on a place to eat on the backbone road of Patong : Rat-u-thit road. This long stretch of road is lined with food places from Junceylon to the north side at the entrance of Patong.

Sadly, the shop had moved to Kathu further in due to the high costs of rent. I decided to walk a few metres down and discovered Nok Seafood.

Nok Seafood’s is a bit further north of the road. Away from the busier commercialized eateries, this place offers a better price for food. It is quieter and crowdless.

I arrived for dinner after my island hopping day. I had walked by and after talking to the shop owners, I walked further south to the busier noisier side of Patong. I did not find a suitable place to eat with the crowds and all the noise. The prices were also touristy further south. I walked a circle and was soon back at Nok Seafood an hour later.

My captivation with Coconut shakes continue. For some reason, the Thai people have perfected the art of making coconut shake and I have yet to find good ones in Malaysia or Singapore.

Do try out the different types of sauces for your food.

I ordered the seafoodfried rice. I was greatly surprised by the flavor and fragrance of the dish. It was sweet probably due to the presence of a bit of sugar. The eggs had a buttery flavor and it made the fried rice very aromatic. It was tasty!

Here comes my lobster. Lobsters at the touristy places start around 2000 Baht a kilogram. Nok Seafood charged me 1600 baht per kilogram. Do note that these are seasonal prices.

Garlic Fried Lobster. THB 900

It is customary to bargain a bit for something like this. I managed to push down the price a bit.

The lobster was chewy and the garlic fragrance with a dice of black pepper was a meal to savour.

Most restaurants do not have live lobsters. Some do but expect to pay a bit more for them.

Most lobsters are ice packed and kept on ice until cooked. They are quite fresh I do not see much leftover lobsters. This only means that they are cooked and sold quickly and there is little chance of overstocking.

The seafood fried rice costs THB 60. Simple and it tasted better than most fired rice I have taken.

I went back to my hotel filled and happy.

The next morning, breakfast was a simple decision. Nok Seafood opens at 11am but I was there at 1030.

For breakfast, it was going to be the same style fried rice but with Beef instead.

The tom yum gong was well done. I asked so that is was sour rather than spicy. This was THB 150. It was actually enough for two people to share a small bowl.

THB 60

Beef fried rice tasted much better. Perhaps the beef complimented the sweet buttery rice.

I went for a walk after breakfast around Patong.

You can pretty much guess where I had lunch.

It was a hot day and the owner recommended I get some fluids. A refreshing Lime Juice was recommeneded. The lime juice was THB60. It was a bit overpriced but I was not complaining.

I wanted to try other dishes and pad thai was chosen. Now this was an awesome pad thai. The same buttery aroma was present and the noodles were tangy and springy. The prawns were fresh.

This dish cost me THB80.

I wanted some desserts and asked for Mango Sticky Rice. They did not have it but told me they will go and get it for me.

He thought a while and then instructed one of the staff to head to a shop to get it for me.

He got me the perfect size as he knew I would be too stuffed to eat much. The mango was sweet but I would have liked it cold. The glutinous rice matched well. I poured the coconut milk onto the dish. With the slightly sourish salty taste of the coconut milk, mixed with the sweet mango and rice, it was a pleasant dessert.

This is the photo of the mango when it arrived, before I poured the coconut milk.

This one cost me THB15. I am sure it was marked up a bit due to the special delivery.

After lunch, I had some time to chill at The Aspery. They had a decent cafe downstairs and the shakes were very good. Service was a tad slow but oh well. Mango shake and coconut shakes were ordered at THB50 each.

I even had a coconut.

Don’t forget to try the local tropical fruits.

I have never tried durian from Thailand. I am quite sceptical.

On a side note, this place is always packed at morning and at nights. I am quite curious about this stall. Maybe I will try it on my next Phuket visit.

I left Phuket in the evening. The night before, after lobsters, I had an awesome back Thai massage for THB400. My back was sore due to the great massage and I opted for a leg massage instead. THB300 and my legs felt slightly better. My cab came on time. he was not a chatty taxi driver and it was good. I did not need to strike idle conversations. I just enjoyed my ride to the airport and my coconut shake in hand.

Goodbye Patong. Goodbye Phuket. Till next time.


Cab 690

Dinner 200
Tour tips 40
Lobster 900
Seafood fried rice 60
Coconut shake 70
Massage 400
Massage tips 200
Coconut shake 60
Phi Phi island tours : 1500
Fried rice 60
Tom yam gong 150
Coconut 80
Pad thai 80
Lime juice 60
Mango sticky rice 150
Coconut shake 50
Coconut shake 50
Coconut 60
Mango shake 50
Leg massage 300
Dive Bag 600
Taxi to airport 780
Food TOTAL : 6590 Baht
Flight to Phuket : SGD 64 is 1,576.49
Flight to Singapore : 3675 Baht
Hotel : 1920 Baht
GRAND TOTAL : 137601

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