Phuket, Getting There and The Aspery


I have always flirted with the idea of coming back to Phuket. In July, I decided to break my Everywhere-Once-Only rule and hopped on a plane after work.

Jetstar flew me to Phuket on a Saturday evening after work.

Prior to leaving Singapore, I had already booked online for someone to pick me up at Phuket International Airport to head into Patong.

I do not like the hassle of haggling and fighting touts and I avoid it if possible. Padang ,Bali and Bangkok was a few rare exceptions.  Come to think of it, not that rare. will get you booked quite quickly. I paid using my credit card via Google Wallet. I paid the deposit fee only and printed out the form.

Upon leaving the Immigrations and Customs at Phuket International Airport, I turned left and stood at the ATM bank area where I was told. After a nervous 5 minutes, I called the number on my receipt and was told that my taxi driver would be around soon. fair enough, a few moments later, he came and I hopped onto his taxi.

The drive from Phuket International to Patong takes about 45 minutes.

I arrived at The Aspery on Patong beach and was checked in. To be honest, the reviews were right and the staff really did not smile much and I felt as if I had inconvenienced them.

I actually got a good Thai back massage (400Baht) on my second evening and a nice leg massage (300 Baht) on the last day. Prices are competitive and cheap.

The room I got was terrible. It was off the main building and was probably a shoplot converted to mimic the main building and probably used for budget budget travelers or quickies. It was rattling and the old school air conditioner vibrated so much that people probably thought I was having some kinky orgy going on.

If photos can lie, this is one of them. They may seem like a normal nice room but I saw a leaking faucet, stains on the corners of the room, definitely a cheap room that is not even on the main building of The Aspery.

There was not even the basic soaps you’d expected at a hotel. The aircond looked like it has been there for 20 years, rattles like a baby’s toy and creates such a fuss, you’d not get a wink of sleep. Not to mention the noise from the light over that hovers above the bed. No amount of dampening would help. This whole room vibrated. For a miserable 3d2n stay of 1920 Baht, it was not worth the stress.

I tried my best to sleep but by 2am, I was done. I walked to the reception wanting to check out and leave. I was then upgraded to the Superior Room and was told to come back at 7am!

I toughed it out and by 6am, walked to the counter with all my stuff and went to a room which was much better. It was a whole different dimension. The price difference was just a fraction but do not book the Standard room. Just go for the Superior room.

Much better.

Now this was a proper room. Quieter, cozier and much much cleaner.

The air-conditioning was built in and did not make a sound.

The whole feel of the room was different. Much much better.

At least there was an LCD TV to watch some TV.

A nice comfy day bed if you want to just laze.

Mango shake for 50 baht, there is no need for a second thought, just drink it.

Coconut juice was good after a hot day.

A must try while in Phuket : Coconut shake. It is awesome and I was glad to get a taste of it again. I even ordered it via room service but the additional 20 baht was not worth it. Just take the elevator down and get your own.

Will I return to the Aspery? Probably not, though it did redeem itself with a room upgrade  and I actually met a wonderful and helpful staff named Peter John Paul Cacar. Thank you for helping me.


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