Singapore : Kim Chi Fried Rice at Doong Ji, East Coast Rd


On a weekday, if I am around in Singapore on Monday, I always make the quick walk out to the Korean restaurant, Doong-Ji around the corner on East Coast Road to have some Korean food. At SG8.90 for a set lunch, it is a nice meal to have. It also gives me some time to eat and reflect of the past week.

The walls are well decorated with poetry. Doong Ji is a cosy restaurant.

A weekday find this place rather quiet at times, hence the weekday set lunch promotion.

Served with your meal, are an assortment of 6 banchan.





Seaweed soup

This soup is best enjoyed hot.

For this week, I decided to be adventurous and tried  the kimchi fried rice.

The rice was a bit on the oily side. The kimchi flavour is light and the blend of kimchi, rice and the frying oil made this a decent meal.

Weirdly enough, this kimchi fried rice was served with another serving of rice. I guess it is part of the set.

This is a nice touch. The staff will bring you 2 slices of oranges when you ask for your bill.

There is an additional 10% service charge which will make the meal cost SG9.80

I walked back around the corner and headed home.


One thought on “Singapore : Kim Chi Fried Rice at Doong Ji, East Coast Rd

  1. Thanks for sharing these lovely photos. The entire meal looks delectable. However, fried Kimichi rice always arouses my taste buds. Whenever I have this dish, I like to have it with Malaysian satay chicken and curry soup!

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