Singapore : Chew Kee Noodle House


More wan tan noodles. Yes, I love and am addicted to this egg noodle. I had just landed back into Singapore and I had an appointment with my Traditional Chinese Medicine doctor  in Chinatown. I can safely say this. Finally, a wan tan noodle that is worth blogging about from Singapore.

Located at Upper Cross Street just before People’ s Park Center, you can take the bus 124 and stop a few steps away from this stall.

The staff do understand Cantonese albeit a bit annoyed with my Cantonese efforts.

There is no pork served on the noodles. This place is actually a chicken with egg noodles or rice if you prefer, joint. It is just that they use the egg noodles which I love so much.

The soy sauced chicken is well flavored. The chicken is steamed and dipped in soy sauce during the cooking process. This gives the skin a brown dark color. The flavor is all in the meat.

So far, in Singapore, the wan tan noodles have been a let down for me. This was due to the lack of sauce ooomph or an incorrect bland of flavoring. I stumbled on this shop and decided to be adventurous. I just went in and looking completely like a tourist, carrying my backpacker’s bag and sounding every bit American with my English, I had to take a while to change back to speak Cantonese. I spoke with the lady owner about the foods in Malaysia, where I was from and also a bah kut teh in Klang.

The dumplings were not too bad. I won’t say it would blow your socks off, but it is good.

There is ample space in this stall to eat. I ate my noodles quickly and headed to my Dr’s appointment.

Located on 8 Upper Cross Street.

I ordered a large noodles, so I was charged a bit more. With the dumplings which is an extra order, I paid a total of SG 6 for my meal. I am very happy to have found a “wan tan noodle” in Singapore worth mentioning.

Average price is SG4 for a meal.



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