Kuala Lumpur : Ho Ho Steamboat, Jln Segambut


I was back in KL to celebrate a belated Fathers’ Day. Our family does not really care about these days but I make it a point for them. Belated due to the avoidance of the crowd and we always say, any day is a good day. Dad made the decision to eat steamboat. This is probably one of his favorite places. The food is fresh and the broth used is sweet and flavorful. The plate above shows you basically what you get. It is more of a traditional steamboat as compared to the buffet style that most people in KL are accustomed with. You get equal portions, so do remember your fellow diners. Don’t eat ALL the fish balls!

We arrived shortly after 730pm and there were not many people. The haze situation in KL probably contributed to it. We got our seats and enjoyed the steamboat.

Order some fried dumplings. They were crispy and a bit oily but dip it in the broth for a while and all will be fine.

RM33 for a portion of 2 people, we ordered the RM66 portion.

There were some fish balls and fresh seafood.

Some prawns and fish are also provided.

You also get some noodles just in case you are not full enough.

Ho Ho Steamboat hails from Pulau Ketam, a small island roughly 20 minutes by speed ferry from Port Klang. The island does have many seafood places and Ho Ho Steamboat is one of the more popular restaurants to expand into Kuala Lumpur.

Boil your food and make sure they are cooked before feasting.

Adding vegetables makes the broth sweeter. As time passes, the broth will get more saltier.

Dad wanted to try something else. He decided on the RM70 per kg crabs. Frying it with bee hoon noodles was his choice.

I must say, this dish is actually very well done. Most places smash the crabs so badly that the shells get all mixed up into the noodles and it is a hassle to eat. This was far from it.

It was a very delicious dish. The crabs are a bit of a hassle but everything worth eating, does include effort. These crabs are very fresh and well cooked.

The crabs were rich with roe and though this is cholesterol rising, have a bit.

These photographs were actually taken using my S3’s always one flash and moving it around to find the right lighting for my EOS 7D. It does take the guess work and direct flash in my photography. (macro photography)

With the chinese tea and all added it, the price of the meal with the crabs costs RM149.

It was a decent meal but most importantly was that it was a dinner spent with family.

This place is located in a house lot so do not go looking for shop lots.

Service here is very good but that also is probably due to the slower day.

DO NOT take the flyover as that will bypass the restaurant and you will end up on Jln Ipoh. Go thru the Kuching Roundabout.

Address: 151 Jalan Segambut, Segambut, 51200 Kuala Lumpur, Federal Territory of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Phone:+60 12-289 3119

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