KL: Curry Noodles at Kedai Makanan Ah Loy, Overseas United Garden


What a delicious mess! The popular curry noodles in OUG. I decided to give it a try after all these years.

You eat on the street. Pick a table. Do not be shocked by the drain smells and whatever else smell you get from the road. This place will be hell for a hygiene freak. Those who know me know that my stomach is super sensitive to food. I actually survived unscathed.

The seafood noodles comes with prawns, squid and cockles. You may choose what type of noodles you want.

The curry is not as spicy as first thought. Oily though it is, you get a rich spice flavor. The curry does not have much “lemak” / coconut milk santan. Do not expect this to be curry laksa.

The prawns are not too bad. Acceptable.

I choose my curry wan tan mee noodles. The fish comes with chicken and fired bean curd skins. You may opt for the seafood version.

Springy noodles as always.

There is a wide variety of dishes you can order. I’m tempted to try the XO Seafood Lo Mee.

Cool down with some herbal tea.

The restaurant does offer other dishes. You may opt to order rice as well.

I’d say this noodles is not too bad. It is something different and the curry is savory. Do not expect to be blown away. This is not bad and could be better if the place was much cleaner and less smellier. I’d return a few times to eat here.

Price was very reasonable. Average of around RM5 to RM7 per noodles.

This place is open in the mornings but you eat in the shoplot. You get to see alfresco only in the evenings.

Located on Jln Hujan, pass the BHP Petrol Station if you are coming from Old Klang Road.


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