Malaysia : Aglio Olio at Pommes Frites, Sunway Pyramid


If I think of pasta, I think of this place. Situated at a corner of Asian Avenue in Sunway Pyramid, is a place where I first knew for their Belgian fries, fries that are fresh, crispy outside but soft inside. The fries are cooked twice to get its correct texture.

This place seems to try and cater for the students and the prices are not too extravagant.

Not many people notice this area. It is at the inner lanes but the view is beautiful here. Just mind the seats as some may get you feeling a bit hot when the sunshines thru.

We ordered a set meal, where it comes with one drink, one appetizer and a main dish.

The mushroom soup is a good choice for an appetizer. The garlic bread that comes with it is rich with butter and garlic and has a soft texture beyond the toasted layer.

The other appetizer was a salad.

This is lightly toasted and is very enjoyable. I won’t mind asking for an entire loaf if it were available.

Iced lemon tea is not too bad. I’d prefer the home-made lemonade.

This is a very refreshing drink. Most likely cordial but very good.

I can slurp this down in one breath.

My main dish of Aglio Olio arrived. It has a few prawns and clams. This dish is very rich in garlic and, I hope, olive oil. I added a bit of salt for some flavoring. The seafood was very fresh and the prawns, chewy and sweet.

The other main dish is a fish and chip dish. The fish used was probably dory fish and it was very fresh. The tartar sauce was a good blend.

You need to order a side dish of fries. To be really honest, the fries used to be very good a few years back but recently, the quality has reduced and not so spectacular anymore. This large fries cost around RM8. Sauce is of your choice. I’d recommend the Samurai but they were out so it was sour cream, which I do not recommend. It was rather bland.

I’d focus on the main dish. Add some salt to give it a kick.

Fries, used to be better.

The end product, lots of garlic left.

The price for my spaghetti set was at Rm20.90 whilst the Fish and Chip dish comes at Rm23.90.

Appetizer + Main + Drink.

Add in service tax and price for the fries, it should come to around Rm 50 for two people.

This place is also known for mussels. Give it a try.

Address : F1, AV196, ASIAN AVENUE, SUNWAY PYRAMID, 46150


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