Kuala Lumpur : Keropok Lekor

2013-06-02 13.33.40-press

This street food snack is a popular Malay invention. It is made from fish paste, salt and sago then fried in oil to variable crispiness. It originates from the East Coast of Malaysia, specifically Terengganu.

Currently, the popular textures are the crispy lekor and the almost-bread-like chewy texture. You can see by the picture above. On the left is the crispy thin slices and on the right, the bread-like slices. There used to be a chewy almost as tough as leather version but that has not appeared in quite some time.

These vans will open up at the corner of high pedestrian passages. You will see them drive up the curb and set stall. The site of these set of photographs are at the Imbi Monorail Station on Jln Imbi near Berjaya Times Square and Plaza Imbi.

There are other deep-fried snacks to eat.

Each packet containing about 7 to 10 pieces cost around RM2. The usual Rm1 for 5 pieces is pretty standard for lekor.

There are also curry puffs, a lot of Malaysian delights to try out.  For those backpacking, this can be a cheap and quick snack. You most likely will spend about Rm1 to RM3 for these snacks.

There is usually a stall selling drinks too.

Kuala Lumpur is a city filled with food. You can find all types of food. Do be adventurous and try out these local favorites.

Happy snacking.

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