Kuala Lumpur : Berjaya Times Square Hotel

_MG_9800-pressA dear friend of mine was getting married and his wedding dinner was to be held at Berjaya Times Square. Knowing that it would be a long day, and a long party, I decided to book a hotel stay and since it was going to be promotional rates, why not? It is tough for me, a KL boy to book a hotel stay in my own home city as it was inconceivable with home being a 15 minutes drive away.

RM270 nett was all it takes for a Superior room due to the wedding tag. As I headed up to the 39th floor, I felt my ears pop from the change in altitude.

Normal prices range from RM345 to RM385 before tax.

Check in took quite some time and it was concluded that this was a flaw in the Hotel’s service line. I waited in line for 10 minutes before being served. You may think 10 minutes is not much, but there were only 2 people ahead of me and each counter took an average of 5 minutes to select room, take the deposits and program keycards.

When I opened the doors, I was surprised to see such a spacious suite. There was even a small kitchen on the left. A day bed in front of a TV was quite a nice place to lounge and lie down to relax.

This is the room that comes with a firm king bed.

Bathrooms were very clean.

A nice bath and shower to rest and relax.

The bed was firm. It felt like a piece of wood with a soft layer of fabric on top of it. But when you lie down, it does feel comfortable. A real bed.

There is a safe and bath robes.

The view from the room. From the 39th floor, this is Kuala Lumpur. The peace and quiet was something I enjoyed.

The old plot of land where Pudu Jail used to be. The land has been cleared for re-development and only the front foreboding gates are left.

For some reason, there was only breakfast for 1 available. Thanks to a friend of mine, I managed to get another coupon. Breakfast for two it is.

Breakfast per person would cost RM52 after tax. If you asked me, it was not going to be worth it. The food is asian and most of the food, you can get cheaply outside.

The hash browns were very good, I must say.

Coffee was very bitter and strong. What a kick.

Pancakes, my favorite in Maple syrup.

This croissant reminded me of my Paris days. This was soft and buttery. This is probably the best croissants I have eaten in a long time. Dipped in maple syrup, it was perfect for me. What a consolation.

The views are pretty similar to the room’s view.

Maybank tower in the background.

KL Tower looming large.

Staying on the 39th floor was a good experience. For RM270, it was a good deal too. Take your parking ticket and at checkout, they will exchange another complimentary parking pass for you. Since you are staying at a hotel which also has the largest mall in Southeast Asia, you may go shopping till you drop. A stone’s throw away across the road are shopping malls and the famous IT Mall of Low Yat Plaza.

The rooms can easily sleep a small family. Someone can stay on the day bed.

If you’d ask me if I would stay here again, most likely not.

The checkout process took forever. At 12pm, so many people will go down and the 5 counters could not handle the exiting crowd. You will most likely be in line for 20 to 30 minutes to check out.

The elevators could be better as all lifts service the 30 floors of rooms. You will not be able to make it straight down. The lift will stop probably twice or thrice if you are lucky. Do not head into the emergency exits and it is a one way door. Once the door close, do walk all the way down to ground floor.

Your key card will only allow you to tap and go up to your floor. If you have friends staying on other floors, be prepared for some hassle.

You will be given complimentary parking on check out. You can stay the day to shop around if you want.

This area is notorious for traffic jams and if you are here on a weekend, forget about driving out.

The rooms are large and spacious. They are also quiet as the king bed is located quite a distance from the corridors.

My personal rating. 3 out of 5.
This 5 star hotel barely made my high expectations.

Price for value? For the location, maybe. Value? Barely at full price.


2 thoughts on “Kuala Lumpur : Berjaya Times Square Hotel

  1. Hi there, I just booked this
    Hotel for 3 nights .

    Saw all ur pics .
    Can I know what Model/Brand is ur Camera?

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