Kuala Lumpur : Ming Kee Wan Tan Mee @ Happy Garden


With the recent news about my favorite Wan Tan Mee stall in Petaling Street ( Lorong Panggong ) changing owners due to retirement, I have been on a wan tan mee depression. So I searched my archives of photos and remembered that there was another good Wan Tan Mee in town.

Cue this shop : Ming Kee at Happy Garden. Conincidentally found on Jln Lazat ( Delicious Road), this is another establishment I enjoy my wan tan mee.

The shop also serves Chicken Rice. Chicken Rice and Wan Tan Mee is all I need to survive daily, if you ask me. This shop’s wan tan mee is a close second to the one I so highly rated. I have eaten here on numerous occasions and it was about time I wrote about it.

Store front.

Have a seat and the staff will come and take your order. There is a section on the left, which is air conditioned but I prefer the more open airy seats this side. The noise and recycled oil smell will cling to your shirts and hair like a stubborn stain if you sit too long in the air conditioned room.

The owner who keeps on cooking and preparing the noodles.

Each plate already has its formula of oil, black soy sauce and lard. The egg noodles are first dipped in hot water to lightly cook them. Then they are quickly transferred to cold water which I am told, will keep the noodles from going too soggy. This process is repeated till the noodles are ready. Most wan tan noodles are not really cooked.

When looking for wan tan noodles, the trick is in finding springy noodles cooked lightly in a good blend of soy sauce and oil. Most of these are a special recipe.

I ordered my favorite Chicken Strips, Char Siew and Wan Tan egg noodles.

The char siew give today was meaty and less fatty.

Chicken strips cut from breast meat.

The noodles are tangy and springy. There are some shops who will overcook the noodles and end up making them soft and bloated.

At this stall, you may ask for prawn dumplings instead of pork dumplings. Which ever is your preference.

Lean Pork meat.

Green chili and soy sauce enhances the aroma of this dish.

Each dumpling contains a prawn.

This was an enjoyable meal. A substitute worthy of my high Wan Tan noodles standards. I should be visiting this place often.

Each meal costs an average of RM5 depending on what you add on. The chicken rice here is not too bad. I will review this another day.

Ming Kee
Jalan Lazat 1
Taman Bukit Indah (near Happy Gardens)
58200 Kuala Lumpur


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