A Tribute : Petaling Street Wan Tan Mee, Kuala Lumpur

2012-07-01 13.06.21-pressBack in the 90’s when my father used to go over to the old UMBC building to watch the stock markets, he would always bring me by an alley near Petaling Street to eat Wan Tan Mee. I grew up eating this egg noodles in dark sauce. It is not surprising that this is my favorite noodles dish even till this day. I have high standards and you cannot fail me when you say it is good Wan Tan Mee. Like a wine sommelier, I too, enjoy my food and this dish cannot be defiled.

This stall has no name, it has no address. It resides in a back alley where the only people who know of this, are regulars, people passing thru and road explorers. I have spent probably so much time talking and explaining where this shop is.  My cause was not helped by this stall being unnamed and sits in one back alley.

If you walk the length of Petaling Street, from the North end starting at S&M , Kota Raya side, you should hit a T junction at the very end of the covered walkway at Jln Sultan.  There should be a herbal store on your right. Go right about 30 meters and you will see a small lane across the road on your left. You will see this small alley way. Thru the years, I have seen the corner lot change from a small Maybank, to wholesale toy stores.

There used to be a manual barber on the left side of this wall. I can still see myself as a 10 year old, with my younger brother in tow walking behind my dad as we went to eat here. Many years have passed. I went to high school near by and was able to come here on a few occasions to eat lunch after school.

Yes, I know. The place looks filthy but for someone with a weak stomach, never once had I had any stomach issues eating here. Nor had any of my friends whom, have dined here.

I do bring many people who visit Malaysia to this place. Unique, old school and a fine cheap meal.

2012-07-01 13.04.20-press

The uncle and aunty couple watched me grow up thru the years. Last year, I brought my brother to the place and he was shocked to see how tall my brother has grown.


My favorite Chicken strips and char-siew dry wan tan noodles.

2012-07-01 13.05.54-pressThe wan tans are very soft and sweet. The bowl of soup is also very tasty. There is a slight hint of MSG in the soup but for such a meal, I would not care.

My meals usually invovles a large dry noodles and an extra 12 pieces of wan tan. Priced at an average of Rm4.50 a bowl, this price was reasonable.

Last week, I went back to this place. After 6 months of absence, I headed back here with my friends. I was greeted with new faces and a new young couple. I asked about the old couple. They had retired and this new couple probably just bought over the business and started up. I tried it, but alas, the taste that invokes memories of my childhood, was gone. In pale comparisons, I guess, all has faded. All that is left are memories.

This was the best wan tan noodles I have ever had. It will be tough to find a substitute.

Here is to the best wan tan in the world. All the best to the uncle and aunty. May you live long lives. Enjoy your retirement. Know that each dish you served brought joy to me.


2 thoughts on “A Tribute : Petaling Street Wan Tan Mee, Kuala Lumpur

  1. These are great stories and I really like the story. You drew me in with the little bit about your father taking you there when you were young. It made it personal and inviting. Well done!

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