KL : Air Mata Kucing and Tau Foo Fah at Petaling Street

2013-05-20 10.28.21-press

Smack in the middle of Petaling Street, across one another, are two stalls that offer a quick drink. One side is Soya Bean, the other side is cooling herbal tea. This is a tale of two street stalls.

A very popular stall with locals, this soya bean stall has been around for quite some time. The owners are chinese but the staff are now foreigners. Quality has not dropped. Dr Mahathir, the 4th prime minister of Malaysia likes this place.

I like my soya bean pudding with brown Malacca sugar. There is always a tinge of ginger in the sugars. The pudding is soft and smooth.

You can order your pudding plain but since it is hot, it is best to add a bit of cold soya milk to cool it down.

The plastic bowls have been replaced by the polystyrene bowls. More hygienic.

Right across the road, is another stall for cooling drinks.

Wintermelon, longan and luo hon guo ( Siraitia grosvenorii) are boiled together to make this drink. It is best to drink this cold and chilled.

They used to serve this in ice cold metal bowls but as hygiene conscious people started to shy away, they changed to the easier plastic cups. You have a harder time eating the longans and chewing on the ice though.

I am still unsure why we call it Air Mata Kucing( cat eye water). Maybe the longans look like cat’s eyes.


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