Klang : Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant

2013-05-19 19.20.23-pressCome early to this place!

I chanced upon this place many years ago whilst driving aimlessly exploring Klang. It was an easy to reach location from Klang. I did the u-turn and settled for ordering dishes here. A few years later, whilst driving with my friends to Banting for some coconut wine, my friend, who knows Klang very well, asked us to stop here for a meal. Whilst eating, I could have sworn I have been here before. Sure enough.

This began a pilgrimage that took me to eat here at least every fortnight during my time working in Klang.

Do arrive early at this place. On weekends, this place is packed with people.

Reserved. Reserved. Reserved. Reserved.

Many tables were already reserved. We had ordered two crabs. By 620pm, I can hear the owner say : No more crabs. Sold out. It probably was a special day and I was surprised to hear that crabs were sold out so quickly.

The buttered corn flaked prawns were fresh and juicy. Prawns were cleaned properly and fried with butter and “nestum”.

Rice wined clams was the next agenda. This dish is quite good but I do know of another place that specialized in rice-wined-clams.


Kam-heong Crabs

Crabs are awesome here. The price is also acceptable. It won’t cost you an arm and a leg if you compared it to KL prices.

Stir-fried Kam Heong crabs are the specialty here, in my opinion.  Kam Heong (金香) is Cantonese dialect and literally translate as “golden fragrance”. The spice blend includes dried shrimps, curry powder, shallots and garlic. This sauce is popularly used to stir fry.

Another 1kg of salted-egg crabs were also ordered. This cholesterol bomb will definitely set your arteries clogging.

To appease the conscience, some vegetables. Garlic fried potato leaves.

The total cost of the meal was at RM150, given that we ordered 2kg of crabs, the price was reasonable.

The crabs cost an average of RM40 per dish. If I was not wrong, each kg costs RM25 and then you add in the cost of cooking.

Do give them a call before heading out from KL. The last thing you would want is your hopes dashed when the shop is closed.

Foo Chuan Seafood Restaurant
2580A, Persiaran Raja Muda Musa,
41100 Klang,
Mobile no: 012-2309996, 012-6661919

Business hours: 3.30pm-12.30am daily
Close on Monday.

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