Dinner at Sin Kee @ Brickfields, KL

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It was Mother’s day and I made the trip back to Kuala Lumpur to spend some time with family.

Miraculously beating the crowd, we managed to get a table at Sin Kee. Thru the years, we have been eating here and I remember my late grandpa also joining us many times. I grew up in Brickfields, my parents are from this area and I spent a lot of time at my grandpa’s house in my growing years, visiting my aunts and also seeing my grandpa. It was only natural that we have dinners around Brickfields and this place was one of those places.

Braised Pork Belly with Mui Choy

This dish was very good. The flavors all mixed well and you do not taste the weird vinegar taste or saltiness of the mui choy.

Ginger Steamed Fish in Soy Sauce

I am not a fan of fish, so this fish had a fishy mud taste which I do not like. The ginger and soy sauce was very flavorful though.

No fish for me.

Bean Curd with Anchovies

Soft and fresh, this was a simple dish to accompany many chinese meals.

Mixed vegetables just to balance everything out.

Honey Lemon Chicken

The honey lemon chicken was well fried. My mum said it was probably double fried and this dish has changed versions so we suspect a change in cooking style of a change in chefs. This is very nice and I’d recommend this dish on the next time.

Total bill came to around RM97, with 5 rice and a pot of chinese tea. This place is packed and you’d have to park illegally on the road. It is opposite KL Sentral and at the beginning of Jln Tun Sambanthan after coming down from Jln Travers. It is a corner lot.

Sin Kee Restaurant
No. 194, Jalan Tun Sambanthan
Brickfields, 50470 KL

Tel: 03-2274 1842

Lunch: 12.00 noon – 2.30pm
Dinner: 6.00pm – 9.30pm

*photos taken using Samsung S3.


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