Sushi Zanmai @ Paradigm Mall

2013-05-06 12.38.36-pressUsually, the queues are so long to eat at Sushi Zanmai, you will be decomposing into bones by the time it is due your chance for a table.  With around 20 people in front of you willing to queue, this place is a good place to eat but sometimes, the long wait times just turns you off.  Being a holiday due to Election Day yesterday, the line was non-existent and it was a perfect opportunity to head in here to eat.

The salmon served here is sweet and fresh.

Ebiko Bean Curd.

The Ebiko was fresh and a lot of roe is given. Dip this in wasabi and soy sauce and you will love it.

Wasabi and Soy Sauce.

The wasabi does lack the after-kick you’d expect from wasabis. It was the mild type.

Salmon rolls with mayonnaise.

The salmon roll is awesome!

Egg sushi.

Spicy Ramen.

The ramen texture was very tangy. It did not bloat up like most ramen when left in soup for too long. Is it spicy? I would say no. The spicy taste is just a tinge to let you know you are eating spicy ramen. The soup is not salty when taken with the ramen but taking it as it is, will be salty for a select few.

Mentaiko Spider Roll. (Soft Shell Crab)

Total came to around RM64 with tax and so forth. The sushi here is very fresh and tasty. It is no wonder, people line up for the food here. The creams used be it cheese or mayonnaise is very mixed with one another to provide you that cheesy mayonnaise taste.

Try to come here earlier than the usual crowd. The lines get long very fast.


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