Kuala Lumpur : More Mille Crepe @ Vanilla Paradigm Mall

2013-05-06 13.19.11-pressDesserts were in order. Mille Crepe it is. Buy 3 and get 10% off. Buy 5 and free 1.

Okay, we will take 3 then.

“Do you like durian?” the staff asked. I was given a try and yes I liked it.

This was not the first time but the second time we were back. It was time to try other flavors of mille crepe.

Take your pick. So many to choose from.

Here are the mille crepes.

Durian Crepe.

Durian mille crepe.

30 layers of pancakes. The durians are mixed with dough and creams. Every 4 layers, a layer of durian is added.

The durian used is D24 durian.

This was a very rich flavored crepe.

Bamboo Charcoal Crepe.

There was a light tinge of bamboo charcoal in it. I cannot put a description on how it taste but it is an aromatic crepe. Very light.

You’d have to try it to know how it tastes.

Vanilla Crepe.

This is probably the best. The vanilla quality if of the utmost importance for the flavors and this was indeed a very good vanilla crepe.

By the time you reach this end, it will be just nice to plop it into your mouth.

All crepes are handmade. At 30 layers per “cake”, the work required is about 90 rotations. It takes about 2-3 hours to make one mille crepe depending on the skill of the baker. From mixing to finish, the crepe would have gone  thru so many steps that it will come out as a work of art. Mille crepes here are not very sweet and would be good for the health conscious.

Each piece priced an average RM9. The durian mille crepe is priced at RM15. This shop does not charge tax.


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