Indonesia : Selamat Tinggal Padang


It was time to head to the airport. After a filling meal at Pagi Sore, I asked Hendri to drive me near Mercure Padang to take a photo of the Padang Beach. My hotel is located just 2 minutes walk from the Padang Beach. As I climbed the rock barge some 2 meters high, I summit at the top and was greeted by the most beautiful seas.

Padang has been enjoyable. Apart from the stiff neck plaguing me the whole trick, I enjoyed the trip overall. It was worth the transit in Jakarta.

The food is tasty and the people, friendly.

You are greeted by smiles.

I would recommend coming to Padang and hiring a taxi to bring you around.

I ate cow’s brain.

And tuna eggs.

I visited a canyon.

Took the most beautiful sunset in my career to date.

As Hendri dropped me off at the airport, I gave him 400,000 as he had done a splendid job of being a guide and a friend. I asked him to join me for all my meals and we spoke a lot about the Padang lifestyle. He was glad to have met me for this trip. He told me he shall pray for my health and safety and to one day return to Padang. I wished him well and to ask him to drive safely.

Hendri Yanto. +62 81266301908

My plane took off for Kuala Lumpur at 155pm and my KUL to SIN flight left at 7pm. By 830pm, I was back in Singapore.

It was a good trip. Tiring albeit, but the pictures I came back with was worth it. The food was tasty and the entire experience, enriching. If I ever do come back to Padang, I will most likely head out to the islands and even possibly to Mentawai.

Sekian untuk masa ini. Selamat Tinggal.

Expenses : Flight from Singapore to Padang via Jakarta : SGD200

Mercure Hotel : USD100

Jakarta taxi 100,000
Padang taxi 102,900
Snack lamang 2,000 x 3
Parking 5,000 x 3
Ngarai sianok 5,000 x2
Art cafe 5,9000

Sate syukur 18,000 x 2
Parking 2,000
Rumah gadang 2,000 x 2
Dinner 97,000
Grocery 51,500
Taxi Tour 600,000

Carolina parking 2,000
Bungus bay lookout point parking 5,000
Pantai nirwana 2,000
Pantai Air Manis 10,000
Pagi Sore 139,000
Parking 2,000
Coffee powder 20,500
Tour 400,000
Airport tax 100,000

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