Indonesia : Dining at Pagi Sore, Padang

_MG_8752-pressSekiranya tidak makan di Pagi Sore, maka masih belum ke Padang.

If you have not eaten in Pagi Sore, you have not been to Padang.

Rumah Makan Pagi Sore is a restaurant that is located in Padang. The business started 1947 and has seen 3 generations of business. Many famous stars and goverment officials have dined at Pagi Sore.

Pagi in Indonesian means Morning and Sore means Evening, hence you should eat here Morning till Evening.

In traditional Padang style, the dishes are brought to you and laid in front of you.

The food is brought to you skillfully. I remember an episode on The Amazing Race where plates crash to the floor as the racers kept failing in the task.

Hendri asked me if I could do it. I told him I would be happy if I pass with 3 plates only. Most likely I will drop them.

It takes about 5 minutes to lay out the food on your table. Whatever appetite you have built up will be halved by just looking at the sheer amount of food.

Beef liver. Hati Sapi

Sapi masak dengdeng.

Beans in spices

Chicken Liver. Hati Ayam.


Chilli sambal. Not spicy.


Fish head.

Shrimp in Petai.


Beef in coconut seasoning.

I was told that this beef is made so that if you eat it a year later, it is still fresh. This is very similar to Rendang Johor which I ate in 1999 so many years ago.

Ayam Kampung. Deep Fried Village Chicken.

The food at Pagi Sore is all fresh and do not use any preservatives or artificial flavoring. All taste are natural and natural salt is used. I have stopped eating salty food and I found the food at this place tasty. The flavors are natural and the saltiness is just adequate.

As with all Padang food, you are charged for what you take. If there are two pieces of meat on the plate, you can take one and only be charged for one. Some hygiene freaks may shy away as the uneaten food is actually poured back into the main containers.  I did not care. If you do, maybe you should arrive earlier.

Pagi Sore opens at 9am. Hendri and I arrived yesterday at 7pm and all the food was sold out.


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