Indonesia : Beaches around Padang


Padang is located on the coast of West Sumatra. This provides an abundant stretch of beach. There were a few beaches that I wanted to go . Hendri picked me up at 7am. This being my last day in Padang, I had already checked out and with half a day to spend here, I was going to make the most of it. We took the drive from Padang city towards the south where there are a few known beaches.

Pantai Carolina.

Pantai Carolina was the furthest beach. Located at Teluk Bungus, It was about a 40 minute drive away from Padang. The terrain changes and you will be heading up hills.
It was early morning at Pantai Carolina. At 8am, this place was still quiet and the sun was just coming up.

It is very clean here. Some women were sweeping the sands behind me.  The beach is very serene and peaceful. All you hear is the sound of the waves running up to the shores and the distant sound of children.

Teluk Bayur look out point. 

Along the way back, there are multiple locations to view the more busier Bayur Bay.

We stopped on a lookout point. Immediately, 2 children came out asking for parking fees. They were most likely children of the stall owner. You can have a small meal here with comprises of instant noodles.

Along all the beaches, you will be approached by people who would offer you a ride to islands further out. It would cost 50,000 IDR to head out the island above.

This lookout point gives you a view of Teluk Bayur, where the main port of Padang is. There is a cement factory on the left of the picture. In the center, you will see the city of Padang in the distant.

Nirwana Beach.

Nirwana beach is located at Teluk Bayur. As we were passing by, I decided that since it was on my list of places to go, I might as well.

At 845am, it was time to head to Pantai Air Manis.


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