Indonesia : Sunset at Padang Beach


The sun sets at 615pm in Padang. Padang beach is located next to the city. I am envious of the Padang people, who have clear blue seas and a beautiful sunset to end the day daily.

“Rasanya tenang dan senang di akhir hari.” Hendri told me. ( You will feel easy and peaceful at the end of the day)

The evening starts of like this. We await the evening as it slowly creeps in.

I guess watching the sunset is a daily enjoyment for the people of Padang. Many come to play and enjoy the end of day with family and friends. I was so busy taking photos of the sun set, but I was glad I turned around and managed to capture the sky’s reflection on the puddles of salt water the waves kicked up over the barge.

As time passes, the colors get more defined and brighter.

The above time-lapse was produced risking equipment being drenched by salt water and washed away. Best viewed in HD. This is my second time-lapse attempt. 

Everyone gathers here to watch the sunset. The waves will crash up and there is a chance you will get splashed. In my 30 minutes here, I managed to avoid splashes of the strong waves. My Samsung Galaxy S3 phone was on my tripod capturing the above timelapse and there were times, it was in risk of being drenched in salt water. I moved it twice. Hendri helped me keep an eye on it.

But overall, laughter at people splashed and running away was good fun and it will take your mind off the busier things in life.

Selamat Sore dari Padang.

*this goes down as my best sunset photographs in my years as a travel photojournalist. 


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