Indonesia : Siti Nurbaya Bridge, Padang


Sitti Nurbaya tells the story of two teenage lovers, Samsulbahri and Sitti Nurbaya, who wish to be together but are separated after Samsulbahri is forced to go to Batavia. Not long afterwards, Nurbaya unhappily offers herself to marry the abusive and rich Datuk Meringgih as a way for her father to escape debt. She is later killed by Meringgih who gave her poisoned lemang ( glutinous rice and coconut) . It ends with Samsulbahri, then a member of the Dutch colonial army, killing Datuk Meringgih during an uprising and then dying from his wounds.

Such a story of love has made this story compared to Romeo and Juliet. The Siti Nurbaya Bridge in Padang is a common place where lovers come to visit.

The bridge overlooks a port where many ships dock. Fisherman and traders would dock their boats here.

Hawkers line the walkway of the bridge and you will have to walk on the road.


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