Indonesia : Ngarai Sianok, Padang

_MG_7780-pressNgarai Sianok is a canyon at Bukittinggi.  This is a rare sight for most of us as canyons are quite limited in south east Asia.

I read about Ngarai Sianok a few weeks ago and was debating between going to islands in Padang or to come here. The picture speaks for itself on my decision.

5000 IDR per adult.

The entry fee for each adult is 5000 IDR. After paying at the entrance, you will enter a well maintained garden. The seats at the entrance will be well used later. Trust me, you will be sitting here after the end of this visit.

Shops selling batik, souvenirs, shirts, paintings and handicrafts are lined along the way to the lookout tower.

I bought my two Padang magnets for 15,000 IDR each.

If I had my own place, I would not mind buying a small painting. These paintings are beautiful and cheap.

This garden has a lookout tower where many travellers head up to take better photos. The area has a group of monkeys happy to eat nuts and whatever fruits you bring for them. They are not nasty and do not jump on you.

Gunung Merapi on the back of the canyons.

The trail pictured here is a new place for people to hike up to have some a drink. It is a long walk up there.

There is a small village at the base of canyon.

Paddy fields are quite common in Indonesia.

The Japanese built a tunnel system here in Ngarai Sianok. During WWII, these tunnels were used to hide, ambush,keep ammunition and also move to other locations.

The walk is about 100 meters down. At a 45 degree incline, you will struggle to come back up.

It is a simple tunnel system with slots for a mess hall and ammunition storage. There are a few exits for this tunnel that is locked. You will need to hire a tour guide who has a key.

The walk up is breath-stealing. Going up a few hundred steps, you will be breathless at the top. Head to the entrance and grab a seat and a drink of water.

It is a different place. Not a common view for many of us. Ngarai Sianok is beautiful.

Travel advisory : Do not hire a tour guide. For 50,000 IDR is not worth it for someone to walk down with you to show you a place you can see for yourself.  The Japanese Tunnel needs about 20 minutes at most.

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