Kuala Lumpur : Suki-ya at Paradigm Mall.

2013-04-07 18.18.03-1-pressMost of us 80’s born generation who listen to music long enough, will conjure up a very nice melody by bands 4pm or 3plus for the song titled Sukiyaki.

It’s all because of you…..

I’m feeling sad and blue….

You went away….

Now my life is just a rainy day….

This sukiyaki, however, did not leave me sad and blue. Sukiya is a sukiyaki-shabu-shabu joint opened in Paradigm Mall. There were numerous times that we’ve walked by this place but never mustered the stomach to take on the challenge. The concept is 2 hour buffet of meat. There is a timer on your entry receipt. You can add on blocks of 15 minutes for RM3.50.

Meat comprises of chicken, beef, lamb which you dip into broth to cook. You also have sushi and other common steamboat condiments to provide variety.

Priced at RM29.80++ for lunch and RM39.80++ for dinner, bring your appetite and more. If you have a spare stomach, bring it along too..

Sushi is only available during dinner. If you go during lunch, you will have to pay the a-la-carte price.

You can smell the aroma of the broth a few floors up. Sukiyaki broth and Miso soup broth were recommended.

Meat is brought to you by the trays. They usually start you off with 3 trays and you can ask for more as your appetite increases.

I found lamb meat best to go with the sukiyaki broth and to slurp a little of soup as you eat the lamb. The sweetness of the lamb fats is really enhanced by the soy taste from the sukiyaki broth.

Chicken was best taken with the Miso broth.

Do add some vegetables to bring our the flavor and sweetness of the broth. On the left is sukiyaki broth and miso on the right. We added some corn into the broth.

When there is lamb, I do not prefer beef. But in order to complete the experience, I tried one tray of it. It was delicious with either broth.

It was time to start cooking. The redness of the fresh meat is so appetizing.

One dip, two dip, three dip and you will see the color of your meat change. The key is to swish it around in the broth but since I lacked the skills of a well trained chopstick user, I used the laddle instead.

You can leave your meat in the broth a little longer if you want. For me, once it turned cooked, I take it out and eat it straight away. Broth and fats flavor can be tasted immediately.

For dinner, you get some sushi. Do note that this is not available and ordered by a-la-carte during lunch time. They smartly stuffed the meats with lots of rice and if you chow down on these often, you won’t be able to eat much meat ; wrong strategy for buffet. To be honest, the sushi is nothing much to shout about. Functional.

I preferred the red roe ebiko. This was just to try.

The salmon was so thinly sliced, you’d conclude that they used the same machine to slice the lamb for the salmon too. Lots of rice. Don’t go overboard with it. The wasabi on the other hand had a very strong nasal kick. Very good.

Watch the beautiful meat get cooked. So beautiful. So tasty. So awesome.

The meats were thinly sliced and cooked very quickly in the broth. It was a fun experience to enjoy and definitely a good place to come back for. There is also an ice cream machine for you to make your own ice cream. Something to cool you down or for people like me who always burn tongue upon eating hot stuff.

In total, two people had 11 trays of meat. A good return-of-investment. We left this place filled and happy…and sleepy. Nice feeling.


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