Kuala Lumpur : Mille Crepe at Vanilla, Paradigm Mall.

2013-04-07 14.35.46-press

Layer upon layer, this cake takes time to make. Each layer is paper thin and piled on one another. Sandwiched in between each layer is a thin spread of cream and flavoring. This is mille crepe. Made from butter, eggs, cream, the mille crepe is actually more pancake than cake. Imagine layers of pancakes topped on each other. Do not confuse a crepe with a milli crepe. A crepe is a pancake that you add condiments like fruits and cream. A milli crepe is layers of the crepe so much so that it looks like a cake.

Vanilla Cake’s is a mille crepe cafe on the lower ground floor of Paradigm Mall. One of the newer shops to open recently, they were handing out free samples. When there is free samples, you will see people flock just to try. Each mille crepe is priced at an average of RM10. Some were RM9 whilst others were RM11. There was a large assortment of flavors to choose from. There was Tiramisu, Blueberry, Chocolate, French Vanilla, Mango, Lemon and Oreo. They also take special orders for booking and you can choose for a larger list of flavors.

Tiramisu mille crepe.

Vanilla Cake’s Mille Crêpes are made of more than 20 layers of paper thin crêpe with a variety of exciting and tasty fillings carefully spread out between each layer, giving it a distinctive texture and flavour – something you will never find in other cakes.

Chocolate powdered goodness.

Mango mille crepe.

You can actually taste the mango bits in between the crepe. Very well made. I could not stop eating and finished this in a few minutes.

Mango jelly and cream.

Layers and layers of bliss.

Spot the mango bits between the layers. The milli crepes were well made.

The textures were good and not chunky. The fork sliced thru the layers very easily and it was a job to eat them . Flavor was good and it was not too sweet. Quite enjoyable and the size is larger than most mille crepes I’ve had. You can also opt to have a cup of coffee to go with your mille crepe.

Time to try out the other flavors, next time.

Google them and facebook them for more info.

*photographs taken using Samsung SGS 3.


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