Bali : Rai Pasti, Ubud


On a long walk in Ubud, we searched for a restaurant named Rai Pasti. Rai is actually the sister of Ibu Oka.

From Jln Monkey Forest and walking towards Ubud Central, you will find this warung.

This is not to be confused with Ibu Rai which is a warung further up the road.

When at Rai Pasti, walk in thru the entrance and head to the back. Try and get a seat facing the small paddy fields.

Go for this seat! Perfect view to enjoy a meal overlooking the paddy field.

Ikan pepes is also a must try in Bali. The fish is marinated in spice paste and steamed in banana leaves.

Bebek Tutu is one of the must eats in Bali also. The duck is smoked and tender. The marination and spices with the help of the heat, infuses into the meat.

Mi Soto

You may notice Babi Guling on the menu also. This is because you can get Ibu Oka’s babi guling here without the long queue.

Warung Rai Pasti.
Monkey Forest Road, +62 (0)361 970908


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