Bali : A walk in the fields of Ubud


After breakfast, I wanted to venture up north into the paddy fields. I asked the staff at Samara and they told me it would be a 2-3 hour hike to go up into the hills and do a U-turn to head down the other side into Ubud Central. I was still in my crutches but I took it upon myself to walk. This was the first day I did away with my crutches.

Pancakes for breakfast.

It was 930am and it was time to set off. The walk will take you along irrigation and streams. There are some parts that you must be careful to not fall into the gorge.

Away from the city, the only thing you hear here are sounds of one or two farmers in the field, an occasional motorbike and the sound of insects and ducks.

We kept going and going and going. By the time it was time to turn back, it was already too far and so, we just kept going.

There as construction and I guess it was probably a new hotel.

The walk is very peaceful and scenic. Do put on sunblock as the sun beats down on your and you will get tanned.

It was already 1117 am Bali time and the sun was already scorching down.

There was real estate on sale and this advertisement did attract me. Time to save up.

At noon, we reached back into Ubud Central and went to Starbucks for a cold drink. Behind Starbucks, was a beautiful garden.


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