Bali : Breakfast in Ubud

2013-03-07 08.43.15-press

It was just during breakfast that the skies were dark blue and the day was setting up to be warm and humid. Having breakfast at The Samara, you are greeted with wonderful scenery.

Sip your coffee while you enjoy the morning serenity.

The Bali coffee suits me perfectly as it is not strong but flavorful. It will keep my infused with the flavors of coffee yet without the after effects which keep me awake 18 hours later.

I was enjoying my Bali coffee and Apple juice.

The nasi goreng was spectacular. This dish is not as dry as some fried rice. There is moisture in the fried rice.  The flavors and seasonings blended very well and the egg whose yolk was half cooked was perfect flavoring.

Let the yolk drench the rice. Looking at this meal conjures up memories and my mouth is watering.

Dragon fruit, papaya, watermelon and pineapple.

Another breakfast was toast with pancakes. This was more a crepe than a pancake. Not too bad.

Mee goreng, the best I have taken are all from Bali. The Balinese do know how to cook their fried noodles.

All meals were from The Samara’s Cafe. Room rates inclusive of breakfast. You can ask for another helping if it is not enough. I refrained so as to not spoil my appetite.

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