Bali : All in a day’s travel, Ubud


Take a short walk down to Ubud Central after your breakfast. It was time to explore Ubud on foot.

The Ubud Market is right in the center of town. Here, you can get daily supplies of food and vegetables and also the usual tourist souvenirs.

Pictured below, is the entry to the underground section of the Ubud Market.

Next to the Ubud Market, is a small shrine and I see many people praying here.

Walking around Ubud, you can walk the sidewalks. The road will be filled with cars and motorbikes buzzing by.

We wanted to try a Bali massage. It takes an hour for most massages. When we exited, it was not much to shout about. The massages were strong but quite normal.

Traffic jams are quite common especially around the time school ends. It was time to head back to the hotel to relax.

During the evening, we were privy to the sight of rainbows at The Samara.

Dinner was to Bebek Bengil.  The story is when this diner was being built, the owners were thinking about the best name for this place. After such a long time, no proper name was found until a flock of ducks, dirty from walking in the paddy fields starting walking in. This was the beginning of Bebek Bengil. Bebek means duck and bengil means dirty.

Crispy duck. The duck was dry and crispy.

The various condiments that accompany your dish. These are spicy.


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