Bali : Ubud, The Samara Villas. Checking In.


The Samara Villas. This villa is located up in the hills of Ubud in the paddy fields. With only 6 villas, The Samara is a peaceful and tranquil a place to escape the crazy hustle and bustle of daily city life.  A tangent to Denpasar, Ubud is more down-paced and a better location to find peace in Bali.

To get to The Samara, you will have to walk/drive up the narrow street of Jln Kajeng from Ubud Central. About 500 meters, you will come to The Samara’s pick up point. There is a sign where you can call the villa and staff will ride down to get you on their motorbikes. The road from this point is only accessible via foot or two wheeled vehicles.

Travel Advisory :

  1. Because of its exclusive setting, the cost of each villa is at an average of USD165 inclusive of tax and service charges.
  2. Only 6 villas.
  3. No children below 12 years of age.
  4. Take down the hotel numbers as you can call them for a pickup along Jln Kajeng.
  5. There is a safe in the room
  6. Wifi around the villa.
  7. Room 5 and 6 has the best views with pool and paddy fields when you open your doors.

It has just stopped raining in Ubud and the roads were wet. The rain in Bali is very refreshing. Short tropical rains that last about 10 to 20 minutes and come and goes with the wind.

Carrying some materials.

The path is narrow and only for pedestrian and motorbikes. When you hear the sound of an engine, make some way and let them pass.

It is about a 20 minute walk from Ubud town if you decide to take the road. It is 10 minutes to reach the pick up point. Another 10 minutes from the pickup point to the villa. Some opt for a call to the hotel staff while others take the enjoyable scenic walk. Sometimes, the hotel staff will pick you up at the start of Kajeng Road. They do not go further than Kajeng road.

This is the entrance to the villa. Being one of the further villas on this road, it is a place to enjoy life’s simplest pleasures. Eat, Pray, Love. You will be assured of some peace and quiet.

The Samara Villa is surrounded by paddy fields. It is a very picturesque setting.

Welcome drink, Balinese hospitality.

There is free tea and biscuits daily around team time. 3pm . Choose from Green Tea, Black Tea and Jasmine Tea.  The biscuits range from local to conventional biscuits. Fried banana is always common. Feel free to ask for refills and the staff will gladly do so.

Open air shower. The water is cool and probably sourced from the mountains. Hot water is not limited unlike certain places where hot water is a luxury.

King bed.

King bed for ample space to rest and collapse into.

A very well kept, clean bathroom.

Rooms are cleaned at every opportunity. When you leave to go down to town, you will come back finding shirts folded, fruits replenished and room cleaned. This is awesome hospitality. A far cry from the usual once a day house-keeping of normal hotels.

A long day is coming to an end.

It was evening and the sun was setting. The day was winding down and the sky changed its colors. The sounds of ducks quacking slowly quieted down. You begin to hear the chirps of crickets, the croaking of a resident toad.

The opposite construction of another villa had ended. Bear in mind. They are not as loud as one would expect of a construction. Most work is done manually and there is very little machinery noise during the day.

Twinkle twinkle.

As dusk turns to night, the stars come out to play.  This magnificent view of the sky just leaves you in awe at the beauty of the skies. Twinkling away, you can sit by the pool and make wishes on the millions of stars in the sky.

There are fireflies here in Ubud. A constant reminder of how pollution had not extended its evil arms this far into Bali.

The cafe at the background is still open and closes around 9pm. It is an Italian – Asian fushion restaurant. Apparently, the owner also has a restaurant down at Ubud town.

These photographs were my first try at star photography. All were taken by guesswork at the angle. I had my camera on a pillow by the pool and guessed at the angle. Shutter open for about 30 seconds on average and a lot of hoping for the best. I think they turned out well.

After about 30 minutes beneath the stars, it was time to call it a day. Selamat malam from Ubud, Bali.

Next post – Good Morning from The Samara Villas.


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