Bali : Tegallalang

_MG_7202-pressTegallalang, is on the way from Kintamani to Ubud. It is a brief stop by the road. Tegallalang is a beautiful rice terrace. The land is maximized for farming. The sloped contour of the hills also provide an easy way for irrigation.

The people here are a bit aggressive in pushing their wares. Nyoman accompanied me for this quick 30 second shoot and dash. Kids started arriving to sell their handicraft and some farmers started to pose. Tegallalang is not a common place for tourists to stay for too long. Opportunists take whatever chance they get to sell something or make a few dollars. Of course, if you take a photo of them, you have to pay. As usual, all stops require the taxi driver to pay a parking fee. ( 2,000 IDR average)

The area is known for handicraft. Businesses from Denpasar will travel here to source and buy goods for sale in the more tourist-densed cities.


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