Bali : Kopi Luwak


One of the world’s most expensive coffee, is processed by civet cats. Luwak is civet cat in Bahasa Indonesia. In Jakarta, one packet of grounded kopi luwak cost around USD100. Some places in Singapore charge SGD50 per cup. This is premium coffee. Now to get it at the source. Brewed correctly. Organic. Authentic.

Wedang Sari Agro Wisata is the name of the farm.

Origins of Chocolate. This is the Cacao fruit. Cocoa in some parts of the world.

Walking thru the cacao and coffee plants.

How is it processed? Civet cat is fed fruits and berries together with the coffee beans. Civet cat hangs around, takes a nap and keeps cool. Civet cat needs to take a dump. Takes a dump and humans pick the civet cat’s droppings together with the coffee beans. Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwww???

Well not really. Let’s debunk the myth.

They use Bali Coffee Beans.

Bali Coffee beans growing.

Firstly, yes. The civet cat does eat the coffee beans and take a crap expelling the droppings and coffee beans. The coffee beans are not digested as the luwak does not have the capability to digest coffee beans. Enzymes do go into the beans but that is about it. The coffee beans take a ride thru the digestive tract of Mr Civet….(drum roll)……….and out it comes.

The Luwak was a bit shy. Sleeping the same way I sleep. Covering the eyes with whatever. Somehow, I felt sorry for these animals in captivity being exploited.

The droppings a.k.a shit ( okay, I think children do know what shit is ) do not smell due to the all fruit and vegetable diet of the civet cat.  That’s what the coffee farmer said.

You can see shit covered coffee beans.

The coffee beans are dried and cleaned in the sun.

Next, the husk of the coffee bean is peeled off revealing the inner seed. Think of it as an egg that you have removed its shell. Egg inside is clean. Bean inside is clean and never exposed to shit.  That’s what the coffee farmer said.

The beans have been removed from the outer shell. (De-husked)

The beans are roasted and then grounded to a powder form.

Roasted final outcome.

Just before the grinding begins.

This is a tough job. It is heavy. I did my bit.

This is Kopi Luwak.

Fine and expensive.

How to drink kopi luwak?

Add hot water and let the coffee settle. Do not filter it away. Take light sips and enjoy. The kopi luwak I took had a strong but smooth flavor. I am not a coffee drinker as they keep me awake. However, this coffee has a strong aroma but light in caffeine. This coffee is not bitter as compared to the normal Bali coffee. The caffeine of kopi luwak is actually quite low due to the processing in the digestive tract. Most asians prefer the TOUGH kick of bitter coffee and may not like this. For me, it as just perfect.

Add water. No filter.

At this small coffee plantation, they make numerous coffees. They are all organic and use honey instead of sugar. For the health conscious, this is good. The free coffee tasting includes all kinds of coffee except Kopi Luwak. Kopi Luwak is sold separately at 50,000 IDR per cup. No free tasting.

My favorite was the Vanilla Coffee. It has a nice aroma to it and totally enjoyable. Not too sweet and strikes a perfect balance of coffee, vanilla and sweetness.

Ginger coffee

This has a slight tinge of ginseng mixed into the coffee.

“Mocha” but nicer.

Once you try the variant types of coffee, you can go thru the small gift area to buy the coffee you like. You may also buy other items like soaps, incense and perfumes at the gift shop. There is no obligation to buy anything but I would suggest buying something to support the local industry. You did get some free coffee tasting.

Free tasting variety.

Organic, honey and sugarless.

This plantation is on the way down from Kintamani. A nice stop over to rest and take a cup of Bali to break the heavy lunch coma you get from Kintamani’s buffet lunch. Prices are acceptable at this place. Buy something. It helps the locals.

Currently, I am hooked to vanilla coffee and kopi luwak. I do not suffer any ill-effects of caffeine at night. So nice……………………………..


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