Bali : Kintamani and the glorious view of Mount Batur


The view is majestic! You are now at the Roof of Bali.

It was a long drive from Goa Gajah to Kintamani. As we slowly head up to the hills, we were greeted by massive traffic crawls as Nyepi was the following week and the Bali people have started with their processions and offerings.Once beyond the small towns, it is a slow lonely road uphill. You can feel the temperature change. Greeted by the cool air at 1500m above sea level, the weather here is definitely more cooler than the heat of Denpasar. Kintamani offers a beautiful view of Mount Batur. Arrangements can be made to climb Mount Batur.

Most tours have you taking lunch here by the ridge facing Mount Batur. Take your time to enjoy the food, the cool air and awe at the beautiful mountain. Mount Batur is an active volcano and you can still see the lava fields as if reaching out towards Kintamani.

The food at this restaurant is not bad. Satay lilit are a plenty here. I am not sure if it was the view or the food, but it did taste good. At around 150,000 IDR per person, it is not too bad.

Photographs first, food later.

Satay lilit. Made from fish. One of THE MUST tries when in Bali.

Pure watermelon juice. Pure bliss.

Drinks are a separate charge and my staple of watermelon juice was ordered.

Pork satay is quite common in Bali

Bali is mainly Hindu hence the availablity of pork in food. The assumption that Indonesia is the most populous Muslim nation in the world will cause you to expect the lack of pork. Bali is an exception.

This is quite a common meal in Bali. Rice, meats, eggs. Very asian.

Do take your time here but also note that you should take photos first as the weather changes quickly and the clouds move in fast. You may lose your chance. Get a seat at the edge of the restaurant to get a full unobstructed view of the scenery. The only thing is some eager people may bump your chairs as they jostle to try and take pictures. Ridge-side tables run out fast. Do also tip the waiter. They do an awesome job of waiting on you.

You can see the clouds covering the top.

Mount Batur’s first recorded eruption was in 1804 and the last eruption in 2000 spew ash 300 meters into the sky. The brown soil you see is actually the lava fields which is rich soil.

Lake Batur view.

Panaroma taken by my Samsung SGS 3.

This is a rich land, fertile and green. The dark brown soil is the lava flow.

This view is impressive. Probably the first impressive scene experienced in Bali.

What a beautiful scene. I am glad the clouds lifted a bit and some blue skies came into the picture. The waiter did come and asked us to take photos.

TRAVEL ADVISORY : Take your photos first before eating. Try and grab the farthest out seats. The normal warnings like guarding your belongings and do not feed the pet alligator still stands.

90 minutes drive from Denpasar. Tours to this region  (including other locations) costs around 400,000IDR to 550,000IDR. A full day tour.

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