Bali : Tanah Lot

_MG_6782-pressTanah Lot is a must do in Bali. Visit this unique temple which sits on a small island some 100 meters away from land. Tanah Lot is filled with tourist and you all know what that means.

Arriving around 5pm, the sun was facing us as we looked out at Tanah Lot. This amounted in sunburns. Do bring your sunblock lotion. From the entrance, it is a 200 meter walk before you reach the main area of the temple. During these 200 meters, you will see stalls selling food and T shirts. Prices are pretty much the same as everyone is remaining competitive.

To be honest, Tanah Lot did not impress me much. The weather and overcast skies, harsh light, combined with the time of arrival made it very tough to get photographs.

We did not spend much time here. Nyoman predicted that there will not be a nice sunset.

For blue skies, the best time to reach this place would be early morning when skies are blue and the sun behind you.

Entrance fee for Adult foreigners is 30,000 IDR.

On the left most part of this photo, you can go up and take a closer look at the temple. There are portable printers that photographers carry around and take photos and direct printout for a fee.

Pura Batu Balong.

As you walk the other side of the Tanah Lot you can see the other famous Pura.

The waves were crashing and the sun was harsh even behind the clouds. A good 30 minutes here and you will get a sunburn.

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