Bali : Pura Taman Ayun


Pura Taman Ayun is located at Tabanan. Known also as Mengwi Water Temple, this beautiful temple was built by King Mengwi for his family in 1634.

The area is very well maintained and it is a beautiful place to have a walk in the gardens. Grass is well kept and the working fountains give this place a very botanical feel. There is a moat surrounding this temple at the entrance. You will have to cross a bridge. Entrance fee is Rp 6000. ( 60 cents USD)

You can loan umbrellas at the entrance as it can get very sunny in the day.

Over the moat.

Cross this bridge to enter the compounds. The ticketing area is on the right after the entrance.

A clean and beautiful moat.

This is the gardens area after the entrance and ticketing area. The grass is well cut and the area is very well maintained.

As you walk, head to the inner yard beyond.

These entrances have become a staple in Bali photography.

Inner courtyard.

If you look at the background, there is a large wall. The wall actually encircles the inner temple. You should keep walking to explore this area.

This is a majestic towering view.

Looking over the walls, you will see another moat and the inner temple. There are priest in there but this area is off limits to us tourists.

This place, you can spend about 20-30 minutes walking around. You can also take your time and is in gardens. There is a covered hall where you can sit. This is a royal temple by the way it is designed and kept. Only fit for kings and royal families.


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