Bali : Lunch at Baturiti Rice Terraces


On the way up north to Bedegul, your taxi guide will probably stop here for lunch. Baturiti is about one hour out of Denpasar, and with your stomach growling, you will agree to stop for a meal. At 100,000 IDR,(USD 10) it is a buffet. The choice is less but functional. You are paying for the view and the cool wind.

The air here is fresh and it is much cooler here due to the altitude.  Enjoy a meal facing the valley.

Bean curd seems to be quite common in Bali.

Satay Ikan.

Fish satay. This is not easy to find and rarely taken when found in Malaysia. Being in Bali, I decided to give it a try. Not bad actually.


Savor the taste and flavors of Bali food. Bali food is sweeter in taste.

Bali’s favorite : Watermelon Juice and Avocado Juice.

Drinks are charged separately.

Try and get a table at the edge of the dining hall.

There is a lot of greenery in Bali.

For 100,000 IDR, they food was nothing to shout about. It is just for the view and to support the local business. Your taxi guide should get a tip from the shop owners as usual. Breathe in the cool fresh air. Feel rejuvenated for the next leg of the journey. Or you can fall asleep if you overloaded on the lunch.


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