Bali : Uluwatu and Jimbaran Dinner


Uluwatu and sunset beach dinner at Jimbaran is a MUST do when in Bali.

From Kuta, you can spend half a day for these activities. You can leave after lunch (which I feel is a bit too early) or around 4pm from Kuta. Both are claimed to be beautiful evening sunset locations. Jimbaran is on the way from Kuta if you head south to Uluwatu. The problem is, unless you want to come back here on two evenings, you usually had to pick between sunset at Uluwatu or sunset dinner at Jimbaran. Most tour guides would take you to Uluwatu first. From Kuta, it takes about 90 minutes to 2 hours to reach Uluwatu. It is a windy uphill drive once you head into Jimbaran.

Pura Luhur Uluwatu is one of the 9 directional temples meant to protect Bali from the evil spirits. Entrance fees for locals is 10,000 Rp (USD1) and foreigners are 15,000 Rp. Perhaps I looked like a local Indonesia boy probably from Jakarta and managed to only pay 10,000 Rp. You must be properly dressed and since I was in my jeans, I was allowed to go in without wearing the traditional sarong. A cloth was needed to tie around me probably for markings of  tourists who have paid.

As you walk downhill, please do mind the gangsters who will jump you and take anything shiny. These gangsters are wild monkeys who have learnt how to extort you for food. They take your glasses, hair clips and whatever shiny and may give it back to you after you hand them food. Note the word ‘may’. They will gang up on you so travel in a group and carry a stick if you can.

Beware the monkeys at the side. There are many of them.

There are many sections to the compound. Most are off limits or ruled by monkeys.

These steps are not used often as tourist take the easier route some 50m away. Walk up. I went up with my crutches.

Go to the far side of Uluwatu and you get a spectacular view of the blue Bali Straits. Spend some time enjoying the view and hopefully the wind. It can get really hot here.

What a view! Spectacular.

The sun sets at around 645pm. There is a kechak dance at around 5pm and you will see hordes of tourists start to flock in. I was not for the kechak dance and decided to take photos around. It is the rainy seasons in Bali and there was no expectations of a spectacular sunset. The overcast skies turned dark and as we walked back, the red sun peaked beneath the clouds and was gone in a minute.

Mr Sun ends the day shift. (far right)

Heading on back to the taxi and off to Jimbaran for some dinner. The rain had started to kick in and it was not possible to have dinner on the beach. A sheltered indoor table would suffice.

The food is nothing spectacular although I must say the fish is awesome and very fresh.


A small dish. Probably the size of two Iphones.

Prawns, Sea crab, squid on stick and some oysters.

I do not like fish but this I enjoyed. Very fresh.

The sauce was very Balinese and very unique. Loved it. Flavorful and a good mix of sweet and salty.

Tour taxi from Kuta to tour Uluwatu and Jimbaran. Back to the Hotel. Costs 300,000 Rp.

Dinner at Jimbaran range from 30USD to 100 USD. We settled for the 280,000 Rp. (USD28)

Checklist complete.

Traveler Advisory:

  1. Beware the monkeys. Keep anything shiny. They will jump on you and get physical so don’t think you are safe.
  2. It is very hot and humid. Arrive around 530pm. (or an hour before sunset time) There really is no point coming early and bake in the sun.
  3. Suncreen, towel, umbrella, portable fan, portable aircond ice or whatever works to cool you do.
  4. A change of shirt.

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