Kuala Lumpur : Black Forest at The Gardens, Midvalley

Black Forest goodness

Black Forest goodness

Since I was young, I love cakes. My late aunt used to make inspiring cakes and I pretty much grew up in the kitchen playing with dough, butter, eggs and eating uncooked batter.

My passion for Black Forest cakes span a lifetime and none have made the grade that my aunt used to make.

Enough reminiscing. When you see a deal, go for it. Cake of the month at Pastis seems to have gone for a few months. The first time I saw this offer was probably in Nov 2012 but in Jan 2013, I am still able to enjoy it. 50% off so each slice goes for RM6.80 ++.

It is definitely an attraction for you to order other cakes or meals.

When you see this Black Forest, you will be puzzled by its not so traditional look. This cake looks like a chocolate cake but do not let the looks fool you. You get the rich blueberry flavor that is expected of a black forest cake.

Vanilla floating in coffee. A nice combo.

Sit while you watch shoppers walk by with this slice of cake and an affogato. An affogato is coffee with a float, usually a scoop of vanilla ice cream. The bitter taste of coffee blends well with the vanilla ice cream making for a very sinful drink/dessert.

A nice dessert to have. Price is not too bad and the Black Forest is good. Very enjoyable.

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