Kuala Lumpur : Durian Durian

Durian Durian.

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No fruit has ever smelled so vile, tasted so pungent and yet…brought so much delight. I am speaking about DURIANS!! Visit any hotel in Asia and chances are, you are going to find a sign with a prickly fruit having a red slant across it; Not allowed in rooms, lobby or elevator. Durians are awesome for me. I love durians. I can eat and eat and eat without stopping, most to my detriment of a fever, feeling hyper and mild cough. When you were young, you could not much. You had to listen to limits and when you parents buy 2-3 durians for a family of 4 to eat, you probably will get a few seeds. Not enough to even kick start the eater’s remorse.

I go for durians occasionally. Maybe once every 4-6 months when they are in season. When I do, I go for buffets at SS2. There was this once, I went and ate 31 seeds at an amazing price of RM15. A few weeks later, I returned. As I was parking my car, my mum went to ask ahead if there were durians available. They guy told my mum RM15 for the better buffet (higher quality durians). When I came over and he saw me, he told me it was RM 20. I am sure he remembered me from my 31 seeds days. I still paid and happily ate my share. I suspect if I keep this up, I will have my face plastered with “Not Wanted. Deny Entry.”

There are many members of the durian family. Some popular ones like Musang King and D24. My favorite if you ask me is Bamboo Leg a.k.a Thraka and Udang Merah (Red Prawn).

Each durian tastes unique. Some tastes identify it to a sub-species of durian. But if you ask me, take 2 durians from the same tree, even 2 seeds from the same fruit but different slot, and you will notice they taste unique individually.

Liquid Gold

The aftermath.

A Dog after my own heart. Joanne loves durians!

Do drink plenty of water to cool down. Some coconuts and herbal teas will do well. Durians are nice and also high in sugar. Have fun eating durians. I think I won’t mind having some durians now.

If you are in Asia, do not miss the chance to try this King Of Fruits as we call it. Be prepared to reel, hurl, spit, grimace but to most, you will find enlightenment. Your eyes will open wider and you will enjoy the taste-gasm in your mouth. Durians are everywhere but they are a seasonal fruit. A place you may go if you are in Petaling Jaya is SS2. Look for the police station and BHP and you will find a few durian stalls set up. Head there and try the cheap ones. A note of caution, DO NOT get fleeced into trying expensive heavy durians. Ask a local to bring you if you can. Or head over to supermarkets like Jusco who will sell you pre-packed durians. Try it and see if you get hooked. Prices range from Rm10 per kg to Rm30 per kg depending on the season and type. Yes, durians are like the stock market.

For more pictures, click here.

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