Thailand : Good Evening, Bangkok. 12 Nov 2012

Good Evening Bangkok


After Wat Arun, it was time to head back for some food and the evening plans. My colleague, a Bangkok boy, told me to try out the Sushi place at my hotel. I asked him, go to Bangkok to eat sushi? Sounds weird. But I must agree, one of the best sushi ever.

Sushi Masa is located at the entrance of Siam Swana Hotel.

Wasabi peas

Fresh thick salmon. Melts in your mouth. Literally.

The sushi was fresh cut. Do note the pictures show two pieces of sushi but you will only be served one. The sushi is awesome. The salmon thickly cut. The pricing is a bit on the higher side but I believe it is worth it. Total for the meal is 720 baht. A short nap was in order to rest after a long day.

Looking at the schedule, an attempt on Baiyoke Tower II would be made in the evening.

Bangkok Traffic Jams

When the wind blows, the tiles move. Beautiful.

Baiyoke Tower II

At 304 meters, the Baiyoke Tower II is the perfect location to get a bird’s eye view of Bangkok. Many come here for the dinner buffet which will give you a free access to the revolving rooftop. Skip the meal and head via a different elevator to the top. The cost for the entrance is 400 baht. You may purchase the tickets downstairs.

Above Bangkok

The only qualms I have about the revolving deck was that it kept revolving. It thus makes Bulb (long exposure) photography impossible. Shooting at high ISO makes your photos grainy.

I would have to find another tower that does not revolve the next time I am in Bangkok. Once you are done, head on to claim your free drink. This is is complimentary with the ticket and you do get to choose a few choice cocktails and wines.

Okay, I chose a girly drink.


Heading to Paragon after some shopping at a wholesale center besides Baiyoke, it was already 930pm. Most shops were closing and dinner was at a restaurant near Siam Swana.

Tom Yam Kung. Sour yet not too hot.

What’s the story, Morning Glory

Red Ruby, a coconut drink with red dyed water chestnuts. Very cooling.

Dinner was simple due to the heavy sushi meal earlier. This meal came to 393 baht.

75 baht

I had room for a bit more and decided to try this out. Not as good as it was but it’s fine.

The other foods in Bangkok tried.

for 10 Baht. There is some rice in this sausage. A bit on the sweet side.

Thailand probably has the best sweetest coconuts in the world.

Street sellers are a good source of information. Buy something and ask them for directions. They are always helpful.

10 baht

See you next time, Bangkok

Good night Bangkok.

So the exploration of Bangkok is complete for this trip but not forever. I do see myself coming back to Bangkok. Being so near to where I am based, I can always make a short 3d2n or 2d1n trip here. It is a shopping heaven and there are many deals and bargains around. Bangkok is busy and bustling. In between that, you will find corners where time stood still and silence still discovered. This trip gave me the opportunity to cap 2012 as a year of new adventures. I flew on an Airbus A380, thus completing the airbus family with the A320, A330, A340 and A380. I also reacquainted myself with an old friend, the Boeing 747.  As the 747 took off the next day, heading for Singapore, I closed my eyes as we cruised to 30,000 ft, far above the honks and bumps of the busy Bangkok streets.

Till next time, Sawutdee.


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