Taiwan : Lungshan Temple, Taipei

_MG_9394 -wo

Mar 9, 2012
Fri, 8:53 AM UTC +8
GPS : 25.0370628,121.4998639
Take the metro to Longshan Temple Station and walk across the road to head into LungShan temple.
Just cross the road and head into the temple. It was a rainy day in Taipei but that did not stop people from coming to pray.
Lungshan temple was built in 1738 and dedicated to the Buddhist Goddess of Mercy (Kuan-in in Chinese, or Avalokitesvara in Sanskrit).
Lungshan temple was rebuilt as it looks today in 1919.
When you enter, you hear the constant chanting in a melodious tune.
Many are kneeling in prayer.
I could not help but notice so much detail in the artifacts of the temple.
If you are a Taoist or Buddhist, you may end up spending more time here in prayer.
I spent about 15 minutes here.
On to the next location.

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