Taiwan : Yehliu Geopark

_MG_8755-pressIt was a wet morning in Taipei. I had already resigned myself to that fact for this trip. Sunny blue skies was not going to be on the agenda for today’s photography. But the trip must go on. No use sulking about the weather and deciding not to go anywhere or shoot anything. We left our homestay in Taipei and headed to Taipei Main Station.

Along the way, it was time to grab some sandwiches for breakfast. These quick-to-go styled sandwiches are quite the fad in Taipei. Most have some meat floss and lettuce or a slice of ham/meat/egg. Pretty easy to grab and go.  NTD40 per sandwich was not too bad.

Out walk to Taipei Mainstation takes about 15 minutes. It was cool from the morning rain. It was going to be a cloudy day.

Buy a bus ticket at the terminal next to Taipei Main Station. You do not need to go into Taipei Main Station.

Let them know hat you are going to YehLiu and the helpful staff will let you know which gate to line up at. Board a Kuo Kuang bus 1815 at Taipei West Bus Station Terminal A (near Taipei Main Station) bound for “Jin Shan Youth Activity Centre” route. We got here at 735am to get an early jump on the day.

Bus frequency: 15-20 mins. Fare: NT$96;  Travel time: 1.5hrs

90 minutes along a long winding bus ride. Do let the bus driver know that you want to go to Yehliu. You will also see a signboard at the junction of this road.

The bus will come down from the road on the right of this picture. You may miss this sign board but look out on your right, I guess.

The coastal city of Wanli is a rocky seacoast town if you asked me. Not really a city.

As you walk NorthEast, down towards the sea, you will spot a large number of fishing vessels docked here.

Just keep walking along the route. Do not be worried about being lost. This road is the most direct and easiest route into Yehliu Geopark.

Tickets for adults are priced at NTD 176. You will have to contend with the other larger tourist groups. It will get a bit noisy and crazy at times.

As you know with most of my photography, you will see a lack of people or maybe a few will creep into my shot. Do not let my photographs fool you, there are a lot of people!

Take a screen shot of this and use it as a guide for future references.

This is the view of the Geopark Area. People come and go in batches and this was during a lull in the waves of people.  Do remember that this area is a bit muddy if it rains and since it is beside the coast, the high humidity will be quite challenging. Clothing do get a bit damp especially during rainy seasons.

There will be a special long long line of people going to see the main attraction. Yehliu has a rock formation that is shapes pretty much a queen.

The Queen’s head. Do not mind the security guards at this area. Though they are very polite, the may have to be rowdy and rough to certain tourists who want to get nearer and touch the rock formation, want customized photographs and take too much time.

We had no troubles from them and they spoke to us politely and let us be on our own way.

Be prepared to only get 15 seconds max when the lines are long. Set your camera to AUTO if you are going to hand your camera to the staff to help you take a photo.

You can also go around and get a different profile. Of course, the problem is the features are less prominent. Do be careful as the area is slippery. You do risk criminal prosecution for damaging natural treasures. The last thing I want to see if you in prison due to sliding out and straddling the Queen at her neck causing the head to break off!

The rest of the area is pretty much rock formations and depressions on the floor.

Please be careful as there are not safety nets. If you go beyond the red line, you risk serious injury or death if you fall into the sea. The rough waves will take no prisoners. This is a special warning for those in sniper mode. A photographer is in sniper mode when you have your face pressed against the camera looking thru the viewfinder. You lose track of your bearings and surroundings and I have seen many tumble over a rock or fall off some steps. Do be careful especially here. A sniper who gets himself injured or killed will not be quite useful.

Weathering rings litter the area. These unique formations takes millions of years to form using nature’s chemical and natural forces like water and wind.

If you look carefully, you can make the shape of an elephant with his trunk above water.

Probably this will give you a better picture.

When you come to Yehliu Geopark, please bring along your imagination.

If you want to venture out, do be careful and the path beyond the main park is quieter and less trodden. If you end up in distress or when you need help, no one will quite hear you.

Rising Phoenix Dragon something.

Fossils according to the educational pamphlet.

If I am not wrong, these are scrolls.

This one would be one side of a boot.

Pretty much nothing here right.

Take a few steps back and change your point of view and you should see the shape of a gorilla looking back at you.

As with anything in life, a change of perspective will give you a different view.

Do you see a slipper in the middle of the photo?

Mushroom heads.

I Love You.

The bean curd formations. They look like fresh cut tofu.

One of the top things to see here at Yehliu are the formations that look like candles.

Hopscotch anyone?

Okay. Me.

Just be careful. Slippery when wet.

At the area near the exit/entrance, you will find a digital laser replica of the Queen’s Head. As the weather changes, it is suspected that the rocks here will one day collapse and be forever lost. Weathering and erosion are the natural enemies of rock formations. To preserve this treasure, a team used ground breaking 3D sculpturing and recreated another Queen’s head.

Many will chance upon this statue. The story goes of a man who was so heroic. He jumped into the sea to save someone. He succeed but lost his own life.

As you go around nearing the exit, you will go thru the usual souvenir places.

This caught our attention.

NTD100. Weird tasting sea creature.

It is a colorful myriad.

It was time to make a move and head back into Taipei for the next portion of our day.

No.167-1, Kantung Rd., Yehliu Village, Wanli District, New Taipei City 20744, Taiwan, R.O.C


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