Taiwan : Raohe Night Market, Taipei

_MG_9264-press03/08/12, 10:44 PM UTC+8

Camera : 7D

Raohe Night Market is the oldest night market in Taipei. But gettting here was not an easy task. It was a long walk from the MRT station.

We arrived at Roahe later in the evening.

Most stalls consist of food stalls. You can walk the streets and get from hungry to bloated very quickly.

Taiwanese sausages are one of my favorites.

The rains have dampened the mood and most of the shops did not open or were closed.

For some who persevered, they do get their customers.

Roasting mushrooms.

Something warm, something salty.

You may think, roasted mushrooms, tasteless but boy was I wrong. This was well seasoned and flavored.

This is a nice finger snack on a cold rainy evening.

We were getting thirsty and opted to try some cranberry juice.

As with most stalls, cute and pretty girls are more than happy to join your food photo.

There is even a Pakistani stall.

Pig trotters everywhere!

Smelly bean curd.To be honest, the only thing offensive was the smell but they just taste like normal bean curd.

The famous black pepper biscuit of Raohe. Crispy bun wrapping a very generous amount of meat.

This is a must eat at Raohe.

After a tiring day, it was the long walk back to Houshanpi station. Access to this night market is a bit challenging. Be prepared for a walk.

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