Taiwan : 228 Peace Park and President’s Office, Taipei


We had some lunch before heading to this park. Our bus had dropped us off at the Taipei Main Station area and we headed down for some lunch. It was 130 pm and we were getting hungry.

Mos burgers for lunch.

The burgers and their accompanying fries came to a total of NTD329.

I had to get more food and I got some sushi.

This was a very unique brass seat at the MRT station.

In 1947, on the 27th of February, there was a large anti-government uprising in Taiwan. It was heavily put down by the Kuomintang. What started as a brewing discontent towards the government, exploded when Tobacco Monopoly Bureau agents confiscated contraband cigarettes from 40 year old widow, Lin Jiang-mai (林江邁). They had took her life savings and when she begged for the contraband to be returned to her, she was hit on the head with a pistol. This fueled the disgust of the people and violence broke out the next day on the 28th of February 1947.

Martial law was in place and the 228 incident ushered in one of the darkest period in Taiwan’s history : White Terror.

The broadcasting station here was overtaken by the Taiwanese nationalist and used it to broadcast the propaganda against the government.

The Peace Park was built as a memorial to remember those dark days in history. For the events that occurred, this park is the opposite. It does hold true to the name Peace Park. So much quiet and peace.


The MRT station to stop at is NTU Hospital.

The squirrels who patrol this park are huge and chubby.

This is the 228 Taipei Monument.

A time to reflect on the sad violent history. We must not shun our future generations from the ugly truth. History is meant for us to learn lessons and to avoid them in the future.

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Take a right at the end of the park and you will see The Office of The President of the Republic of China.

As you all should know, Taiwan is known as the Republic of China. Not to be confused with The People’s Republic of China which is China.

Security is high here with plainclothes police and armed guards patrolling the area. Be respectful, take your photos and do not be up to nonsense unless you want to spend some time in a Taiwanese jail.

You should spend about an hour to go thru the park and to the President’s Office. If you take longer, that is completely your choice.


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