Taipei : Taipei 101


03/08/12, 8:49 PM UTC+8

The rainy weather continued but as I learnt in my 2 weeks in Seattle, I will not complain and I will keep going.

Welcome to Taipei 101. Once the tallest tower in the world from 2004 to 2010, this was a must go up one our tours around the world.

The ride up the elevator was over really quick and the steady acceleration up will have you wondering how slow you were going.

Smooth like a hot knife thru butter, you will be 438 meters above sea level.

The weather was not too good and we were told at the ticketing counter that we will not be able to see much or head out to the open deck. We decided to head up anyways.

A few shots and it was zero visibility. So it was time to see what else was here.

Might as well make the best out of it.

From the bottom, you can see the drizzle and rain. You can hardly see the top.

Even with the fog, it is a beautiful sight. Built to look like a bamboo, you can see it disappear into the sky.

Maybe I will have the opportunity to return to Taipei with good weather and clear skies one day.


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