Taiwan : Small Swiss Homestay, Alishan


This post will mainly focus on the one night stay at Small Swiss Homestay in Alishan. This was part of the Alishan Tour that we signed up for with the owners of Small Swiss.

There will be some details on the price and communications from the homestay at the bottom of this post.

Once you enter the house, there is a large common area where you can lounge and relax. Do some reading and drink some Alishan tea.

When we arrived, it was misty and the evening was quite matured. The sun was setting somewhere in the distant and with an overcast sky and a cold chilly night wind, it was a warm and cozy place to be.

It had been a long drive up here and I was actually quite tired. On top of that, I was fighting a fever.

Some refreshment and fruits are provided which seems to be the Taiwan Homestay culture. You can help yourselves to warm tea and coffee.

Bed with Electric Blanket

The room was spacious and adequate. There is a warmer underneath so that you can keep warm. If you see the switch next to the pillow on the right side of the bed, that is the control of the bed warmer.

It was indeed peaceful here. The mountains give you calm when you look out from here. After dinner, it was time to head to bed. I spent the night shivering with a fever due to tonsillitis. It is always my luck that I get seated around someone sneezing, coughing on a plane.

The next morning. 

Mr. Xu came the next morning and since the owners of Small Swiss have their own tea plantation, there was no need to make the early 4am trek up some hill to watch the sun rise.

I truly enjoyed the quiet nature here. It was both therapeutic and rejuvenating.

Dan Bing (蛋饼)

Breakfast is provided for you. Your order is taken when you check in the night before. This was Meat Floss pancakes. It was a mix of salty and sweet and was very unique. I loved it.

The meat floss sandwiched eggs in the pancake.

Milk Tea

The teas in Taiwan are a different league altogether. The aroma is strong and milk balanced the flavor. I am not a tea or coffee person but this one was perfect for my morning.

This is a fried dumpling. Again, very Taiwanese and you;d probably get them at a Taiwanese food joint.

Do help yourself to some tea.


Today, I was feeling much better. After a night sleeping with shivers, I woke up today feeling much better. There was still a bit of fever but I was able to power thru. As the day went by, I felt better.

Travel Info. ( below is part of an email from Charlies [owner of Small Swiss])

Hereby we would like to confirm and book with you the 2D1N tour to Guangzhiling hot spring resort + Alishan on Tuesday, 6 March 2012.

Thank you for your confirmation of the 2 D 1 N tour (staying at the double of star & sky room without a view from the room — but outside the room is the sitting room with a great mountain view if the weather is good) to Guangzhiling hot spring resort + Alishan park during 6-7 Mar. 2012 departing at exit 3 indoors on the first floor of THSR Chiayi station at 11:10 AM on 6 (Tues.) Mar. & ending the tour at THSR Chiayi station before 16:00 PM on 7(Wed.) Mar. including & excluding some items which is stated on Small Swiss homestay webiste —


TWD15000 for 2 persons to stay at a double room including & excluding some items (March 2012 price)

*Cash payment upon check-in ! We don’t accept credit card !

Please convert your currency into NT$ (exchange your currency for NT$) at the airport (Taoyuan airport) where is much more easier either on weekdays or on weekends than anywhere else !

*Update : Currently, they require payment upfront rather than upon check-in due to some travelers who cancel last minute. 

The drive from Alishan to Chiayi takes 1 hour plus and the time and petrol is wasted when they wait for many hours and travelers do not turn up. These type of travelers give us all a bad name. Totally unethical. 

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