Taiwan : Alishan part 3



7 March 2012, 12:32 PM UTC+8

Look at how clear the waters are.

A slow stream.

You would be surprised to see a school here.

This modern building is catered for the locals who need a school.

Tree Spirit Pagoda.

The Tree Spirit Pagoda (樹靈塔) was erected during the Japanese Colonial Era. People gathered here to host worship ceremonies to the Tree Spirit every March and September. The circular steps under the pagoda signify the growth rings of the tree, and the pagoda represents the trunk of the tree.

Thousand year old trees are a plenty here in Alishan.

These remind me of the giant sequoia in the US.

This tree is 45 meters tall and 12.3m wide.

There was a funny story to this. With hatred towards the colonial masters, the Taiwan people carved this out when ordered by the Japanese to carve words of praise. What was meant as praise turned out to be an insult.

Spring was indeed in the air.

A colorful array of blossoming flowers.

A contrast. One blooming, another withering.

Why did we dine at this place?

It was because it was quieter and away from the usual restaurants that the tourist flock to.

Settle down in a quiet corner.

Always Coca Cola.

A healthy meal. The meat is cooked with vegetables ala steamboat style. Bring the broth to a boil and wait for your food to cook.

Of course, I had to have some pork. Mind you I was still recovering from the shivering fever I had the night before.

It was 3pm and it was time to make a move and leave Alishan. We were actually heading back to Taipei. So to the THSR station of Chiayi some 2 hours drive away and then a train speeding back to Taipei.

I would say it is worth a visit. Entrance fees cost NTD200.

However, the trip to come to Chiayi and then another 2 hours drive into the hills makes this a journey. Either hire a car or get someone to pick you up.

We went with : http://small-swiss.so-buy.com/front/bin/ptdetail.phtml?Part=e-trip

On the way down, stop by this bridge.It is a must to walk thru this bridge. It is a sign that you are leaving Alishan area. 

At 5pm, we arrived back at Chiayi Train Station. We bid our goodbyes the Mr Xu and off we went.

Goodbye Alishan.









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