Taiwan : Alishan part 2



07 March 12, 11:22 AM UTC+8

Here comes part 2. You will find yourself trudging along at a pretty decent pace.

A word of advice is if you want to get photos, be quick or wait for the crowds to move on. They come in waves and you can usually hear them from a far screaming and shouting.

Four Sisters.

On top of one big stump of cypress trees after its falling, four natural seeds of the same species happened to be air-delivered there and grew inot four rather closely gathered trees reminding people of four endearing sisters.

Happiness from Golden Pig.

This is not man-made. The happiness is seen on the edge of this Hinoki old tree. The shape resembles a head of a golden pig.

Oink Oink!

Dragon if you see it.

Phoenix if you see it.

Natural beauty surrounds you.

If you noticed most of my photos do not have many people in them and this place looks so serene and peaceful, please do not let my photos fool you.

I wait for my photos and I also step in front of people. If photos has an audio tag, you will hear so many people it would feel like a shopping market.

The flowers were blooming as it was spring in Taiwan.

I love the smell of magnolia when they bloom.

As you walk along, you will come to an area where snacks and food and souvenirs are sold.

Some weird jelly that looks like tadpoles and frog eggs.

Pickled everything.

Looking at these photos now make me feel a sour taste in my cheeks.

These carvings have an aroma about them. I suspect they are sandalwood.

Cooking pork.

When you have walked for a few hours, you can eat a lot of this.

As you walk by, you can smell it. And it is very very tempting, but we had lunch plans.

Okay, no more food. Look at some flowers.

Okay, I will buy a sausage. The skin is very crispy. Taiwanese sausages have a sweet flavor to them.

Buy some tea here when you can. Take them home as a souvenir. The tea here is exceptional and of course, you help the local farmers who depend on your purchase.

You are allowed to sample the teas before you buy them.

The water barely moves hence the thick vegetation and slightly murky ‘dirty’ water.

Okay, another snack. Herbal eggs.

Click here for the final installment of the Alishan series.



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